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eduroam Development VC Minutes 2021-07-06 1530 CEST



  • Stefan Winter (Restena)
  • Miroslav Milinovic (SRCE)
  • Anders Nilsson (SUNET)
  • Stephanie Cooper (ANYROAM)
  • Chad Bauer (ANYROAM)
  • Ingimar Jonsson (RHnet)
  • Hideaki Goto (Tohoku University / Cityroam)
  • Stefan Paetow (Jisc)
  • Sara Jeanes (Internet2)
  • Tomasz Wolniewicz (PSNC)
  • Christian Rohrer (SWITCH)
  • Maja Górecka-Wolniewicz (PSNC)
  • Louis Twomey (HEAnet)
  • Janos Mohacsi (KIFU)

Agenda / Proceedings

  1. Welcome / Agenda Bashing

  2. Future Workflow for getting OpenRoaming/eduroam RO PKI certificates - demo

  3. Implementation update: OpenRoaming in CAT 2.1

  • IdP level - add checks during submission checks
  • IdP level - always allow admin to download OpenRoaming enabled installers
  • IdP level - add “T&C Pre-Agreed” variants of the OpenRoaming options
  • User level - improvements to UX on main download page (feedback please…)
  • Reminder: Pending
    • NRO level - maintain state of readiness checks (last timestamp and result of OpenRoaming readiness for all IdPs)
    • IdP level - add OR checks to regular diagnostics
    • IdP level - diagnostics should include warnings regarding missing DNSSEC
    • actual installers with the functionality in
  1. CAT API enhancement suggestions (carryover from last VC)

    • find inst details (e.g. anon identity set, is present in CAT or not)
    • Geoffrey to send mail to Stefan/Tomasz with the required data points (solicit more feeback from others)
    • Stefan to look at OpenAPI for API contracts (ideally better than prose documentation)
  2. General info about OpenRoaming for end users

  3. AOB / Next VC

    • introduce “WPA2” into mobileconfig (available from iOS 8+ (and macOS 10.8) only, and unknown macOS level, but more secure to exclude WPA(1)). Have a spin-off mobileconfig device for lower iOS versions.
    • 20 July, 1530 CEST
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