This task will engage with the research communities, identity federations and other relevant communities for WP5 (T&I) as a whole. The aim of this task is to provide a bidirectional channel with key stakeholders to understand their requirements and use them to drive the evolution of the T&I services and validate new features.

This task will address the following work areas:

  • Engagement with key stakeholders, such as eScience and identity federations.
  • T&I business development coordination in collaboration with the other services in this WP and with the User Engagement WP (WP3).
  • Contributions to the wider efforts to improve interoperability of research and e-infrastructures (i.e. Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations  (FIM4R), European Open Science Cloud  (EOSC), Research and Education FEDerations group (REFEDS), WISE).
  • Engagement with other different sectors (i.e eGov/eIDAS, industry) and with other e-infrastructures to promote federated access and discuss interoperability use-cases.

and this will be address by mens of:

  • Community requirements validation for the T&I services and products, particularly those resulting from the Incubator task.
  • eScience (and research) Global Engagement: liaison and contribution to external projects and initiatives such as EOSC-related projects, FIM4R, REFEDS and WISE, etc., and inform the overall project team abreast of relevant developments.
  • Facilitating of the AEGIS group. AEGIS  brings together global representatives from AAI operators in research and e-infrastructures to discuss adoptions of policy and technical best practices that facilitate interoperability across e-infrastructures.
  • Represent GÉANT T&I services (i.e. eduTEAMS and eduGAIN) in the AEGIS group. 
  • Coordination of and contribution to the maintenance of the AARC/AARC2 project relevant results in line with the process defined by the AARC2 project.

More information

More information, contact the task lead:
Maarten Kremers - maarten.kremers@surfnet.nl 


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