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No.Criteria (notes available)Yes/No
1Evaluation or scoringNo
2Automated-decision making with legal or similar significant effectNo
3Systematic monitoringNo
4Sensitive data or data of a highly personal natureNo
5Data processed on a large scaleYes
6Matching or combining datasetsNo
7Data concerning vulnerable data subjectsNo
8Innovative use or applying new technological or organisational solutionsNo

When the processing in itself "prevents data subjects from exercising a right or using a
service or a contract"


DPIA likely to be requiredNo

Comment: data about NROs, institutions and locations doesn't contain data about children. Logs contains IP and MAC address and GÉANT don't have way to identify users without information form IdPs and SPs. Data about end users are processed in encrypted form and are not readable to GÉANT.


5. In 2017. the eduroam AuthN system recorded more than 834 million international authentications.

7. Personal data of children are processed, but in encrypted form not readable to GÉANT.

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