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Plan on update of

Roadmap / todo-list

  1. Agree on left hand side structure (09/2019)
  2. Implement left hand side structure (10/2019)
  3. Removing duplicates (e.g. eduroam in a Nutshell appears as parts of other pages) (11/2019)
  4. Remove outdated and unnecessary info (e.g. controller configs - include only a list with what to take into account in controller config) (11/2019)
  5. Include missing info (06/2020)
    1. "EAP-TLS with user and machine certificate considerations"
    2. "GDPR and eduroam"
    3. "Hotspot 2.0 and eduroam" (We have Roaming with third parties based on Passpoint)
    4. CUI configuring how-to section (Dominique Launay) including operator-name
      1. to English ? (Asked Dominique 7.4.2020)
    5. Security incidents (Paul) (Asked for advice 7.4.2020)
    6. Submit question/request new wiki page function
    7. Cisco ACS and ClearPass to eduroam IdP
  6. Update current information (06/2020)
    1. freeradius-sp (finish migration from FreeRADIUS 2 to FreeRADIUS 3), maybe to English ? (Asked Jan Tomasek about this 7.4.2020)
    2. Check if these need update: radsecproxy-addon, radsecproxy-flr, radsec certificates as well as radsecproxy-installation and radsecproxy-general-settings (Delegated to Ralf and Fabien 7.4.2020) Done April 2020.
    3. Check if How to deploy eduroam on-site or on campus (ADVANCED)#siteoroncampus(ADVANCED)-Wirededuroam needs update (Dubravko has promised to do this)
    4. Revisit guidelines regarding F-Ticks and make sure they are correct

New left hand side structure  - outline

eduroam in a Nutshell (BEGINNER)

endusers (BEGINNER)

WiFi administrarors: eduroam along with commercial hotspot system → Rewrite into eduroam SP provider (INTERMEDIATE)

Institution Administrators - eduroam IdP provider (ADVANCED)

  • How to deploy eduroam on-site or on campus → How to deploy eduroam at an institution
  • 1) Deployment Checklist (empty)
  • 2) eduroam set up eduroam IdP
  • Appendix A 3) RADIUS servers
  • 4) EAP Server Certificate considerations
  • 5) Deployment tools
  • 6) Wired eduroam
  • Appendix D
  • Appendix B Access Points (obsolete)
  • A guide to eduroam CAT for institution administrators
  • Appendix C Supplicants (needs mentioning of CAT)
  • Devices that are compatible with eduroam
  • How to offer helpdesk support to end users
  • A guide to eduroam Managed IdP for IdP institution administrators
  • File lists
  • Fortinet controller

National Roaming Operators (NROs) (ADVANCED)

  • How to deploy eduroam at national level
  • Access to eduroam operations support services
  • How to offer eduroam support to customer institutions (DELETE THIS)
  • A guide to eduroam CAT for NROs + A guide to eduroam CAT 2.0 for NROs (merge pages)
  • A guide to eduroam Managed IdP for NROs
  • How to build the eduroam infrastructure
  • How to deploy and promote eduroam for events (SHOULD PERHAPS BE DELETED OR MERGED INTO A eduroam SP PROVIDER SITE)

Technical issues (ADVANCED)

  • Known configuration APIs and bugs for client devices
  • heartbleed-note
  • Test page

Remember eduroam Service Intelligence

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