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Belgrade Airport "Nikola Tesla" is approximately 20 km from the center of Belgrade. The best way to get from the airport to the hotel is by taxi or A1 bus line. To get back to the airport you can order the taxi at the hotel or use the A1 bus line.



Important: Do not get the taxi directly, but get the taxi VOUCHER from the official counter as described below. However, if you get into the taxi without a voucher, the ride to the city center should not be more than 2500 RSD (20 EUR)!

Regular taxis must have “TX” at the end of their registration plate.

In the baggage claim area, take the necessary amount of RSD at the exchange office (not very favorable one) or the ATM. Get the taxi VOUCHER from the TAXI INFO desk located in the same in area - take the Zone 2 voucher for city center stating 1800 RSD (~15 EUR). Exit the building on the lower level going straight out after the customs, present the voucher to the taxi driver and pay the printed price.


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Mini-bus line A1 goes from the airport to the city center (Slavija Square) every 20 minutes. Ticket price is 300 RSD (~3 EUR). You will find A1 bus stop as you exit to the airport arrivals, then straight ahead exit the building on the same floor, and then walk to your left. The Slavija Square is the last stop, and the ride takes approx. 30mins.

A1 map and timetable (PDF)


Currency is Serbian dinar (RSD). The average exchange rate for 1 EUR is about 120 RSD - you should expect up to ~1% less when you buy dinars at exchange offices. They are all over the city and there is no commission; their rate is usually more favorable than in banks or at ATMs. Euros are not accepted by businesses; cards are welcome for any amount.

Tips at the restaurants are welcome (5-10% if you are satisfied) but not required; usually, "service cost" is not listed on the bill.

Electricity is 220V/50Hz, sockets like in Germany, Spain and most of Eastern and Northern Europe.

People are mostly friendly and try to be helpful; most of those below 60 speak at least some English, but everyone is familiar with foul words and curses. Street are generally safe at any hour; rely on common sense to avoid aggressive sellers (very reserved if compared with some other places), beggars or petty thieves.

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