1. 14th & 15th April 2021

The Second European perfSONAR User Workshop will follow on from the 2019 inaugural workshop in London and again will bring together perfSONAR user and developer communities to explore use cases for the toolkit, to share best practices, and to discuss future features and the perfSONAR development roadmap.

The Workshop is being organised by the GÉANT GN4-3 project, Work Package 6 ("Network Technologies and Services Development"), including the perfSONAR development team within Task 3.

perfSONAR is a network measurement toolkit designed to provide federated coverage of paths, and help to establish end-to-end usage expectations.  There are 1000s of perfSONAR instances deployed world wide, many of which are available for open testing of key measures of network performance.  This global infrastructure helps to identify and isolate problems as they happen, making the role of supporting network users easier for engineering teams, and increasing productivity when utilising network resources

The event is open to anyone with an interest in perfSONAR.

2. Registration

Registration is closed.

3. Location

Due to the COVID-19 situations, the meeting happened online.

4. Presentation material

PDFs of all presentations are available within the agenda on the right side of the page.

5. Contact

If you have any questions about the event please email perfsonar@lists.geant.org. 

6. Quick Links

To join the perfSONAR online user community email list, where issues and ideas can be openly discussed, please subscribe to the perfsonar-user mail list.

7. Call for presentations

Call for presentations is closed.

8. Meeting photos

 Photos from the 2nd European perfSONAR User Workshop held online.

9. Agenda (all times are CEST)

9.1. April 14th


Welcome, introductions — Pavle Vuletic, AMRES


perfSONAR today (Update 2021)Antoine Delvaux, PSNC

Reviewing the conclusions of the 1st workshop we held 2 years ago, we'll see how perfSONAR has evolved since then and what is new today.


Experiences of using perfSONAR for network troubleshooting on Janet — Duncan Rand, Jisc


Scaling of perfSONAR set in ASNET NREN Eugene Prokhorenko, ASNET

Experience managing an extended number of perfSONAR installations, taking into account network speed.

14:05-14:20Questions and Answers

pS TWAMP monitoring with Juniper routers, GÉANT Operations use caseIvan Garnizov, FAU/DFN

GÉANT Operations experience in setting up and running a TWAMP mesh with core Juniper routers.


RNP experience with perfSONARMarcos Schwarz, RNP

perfSONAR is used by some core monitoring services at RNP. This talk will show RNP’s timeline and contributions to the perfSONAR initiative and our specific use cases.

15:20-15:40Questions and Answers

In the Wild: Real-world Troubleshooting with perfSONAR — Doug Southworth, Indiana University

While long-term network performance monitoring and measurement is an important aspect of perfSONAR use, troubleshooting issues real-time is equally as valuable. In this session we’ll examine several examples of network diagnosis using perfSONAR and the positive outcomes that came as a result of being able to pinpoint critical infrastructure problems.


Central Management Server SetupPhil Reese, Stanford University

This project illustrates, using VMs, what the document MaDDash Quick Install Guide v4 covers bit by bit.

Andy Lake put together the first version of this document several years ago. That prompted an AHA! moment for me. This project is an attempt to share that AHA! with others looking to better understand the perfSONAR and MaDDash projects.

16:40-17:00Questions and Answers

9.2. April 15th

13:00-13:05Welcome, introductions — Ivana Golub, PSNC

PMP Service UpdateSzymon Trocha, PSNC and Ljubomir Hrboka, CARnet

This session will share the current status of PMP service. It will also look at new ideas and future service directions.


CNaaS deploymentMagnus Bergroth, SUNET

pScheduler DotX plugin developmentKristofer Hallin, SUNET

14:00-14:20Questions and Answers

Plugging In: Bringing New Measurements to perfSONARMark Feit, Internet2

Since the first release of pScheduler in 2017, perfSONAR has had the ability to easily add new types of measurements and the tools to carry them out.  This talk will give an overview of the mechanics of pScheduler’s test and tool plugins, the philosophy of test design and the tools available to help jump start the development process.


Deployment practices for 10GE Mobile perfSONAR testpoints Ed Colone and Craig Maxfield, Michigan University

The University of Michigan uses mobile 10GE perfSONAR testpoints to detect and troubleshoot network problems on a large distributed campus with multihomed networks.  This talk will share our hardware configuration, deployment practices, and lessons learned.


CentOS and OS Support Mark Feit, Internet2 and Antoine Delvaux, PSNC

RedHat changed the CentOS release cycle and will be discontinuing CentOS 8 after 2021.  As CentOS was the main development and deployment OS for perfSONAR until now, we'll look at what are the possible replacements and what the community will be using in the future.  Your feedback will be requested!


perfSONAR RoadmapAntoine Delvaux, PSNC

Looking at the perfSONAR development and release roadmap for 2021 and beyond.

15:45-15:55Questions and Answers

perfSONAR Lookup Service - Moving to elasticsearch and beyond… Sowmya Balasubramanian, ESnet

In this short talk, we will explore the journey towards elasticsearch and the road beyond. In particular, we will discuss the transition of perfSONAR Lookup Service to an elasticsearch based backend. What are its new capabilities and how users can take advantage of them? And, what does the future look like for the Lookup Service? What features or tools can we build using the new capabilities?

16:30-16:40Questions and Answers

Workshop Conclusions Ivana Golub, PSNC

2nd European perfSONAR Workshop recommendations

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