24th & 25th May 2022

The Third European perfSONAR User Workshop will follow on from the first two workshops and again will bring together perfSONAR user and developer communities to explore use cases for the toolkit, to share best practices, and to discuss future features and the perfSONAR development roadmap.

The Workshop is being organised by the GÉANT GN4-3 project, Work Package 6 "Network Technologies and Services Development", including the perfSONAR development team within Task 3.

perfSONAR is a network measurement toolkit designed to provide federated coverage of paths and help to establish end-to-end usage expectations. There are 1000s of perfSONAR instances deployed worldwide, many of which are available for open testing of key measures of network performance.  This global infrastructure helps to identify and isolate problems as they happen, making the role of supporting network users easier for engineering teams, and increasing productivity when utilising network resources

The event is open to anyone with an interest in perfSONAR.


Registration for the event is now closed.


Due to the COVID-19 situations, the meeting will be online, on Zoom.

Presentation material

PDFs of all presentations are available within the agenda on the right side of the page.


If you have any questions about the event please email perfsonar@lists.geant.org. 

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Meeting photos

 Photos from the 3rd European perfSONAR User Workshop held online will be published after the event.

Agenda (all times are CEST)

May 24th


Welcome, introductionsTim Chown (Jisc)


perfSONAR today (Update 2022)Antoine Delvaux (PSNC)

Reviewing the conclusions of the 2nd workshop we held last year, we'll see how perfSONAR has evolved since then and what is new today.


perfSONAR 5.0 EvolutionAntoine Delvaux (PSNC)

We'll discuss what changes you can expect from the upcoming 5.0 release.


perfSONAR and WiFiMonTsotne Gozalishvili (GRENA)

Looking at perfSONAR and WiFiMon possible integration and challenges.

14:05-14:15Questions and Answers
14:30-14:50WLCG perfSONAR UpdateMarian Babik (CERN)

perfSONAR usage in WLCG and a view at their 100 Gbps testing mesh.

14:50-15:10EPOC experience with high speed testingDoug Southworth (Indiana University)

As testing at speeds higher than 10G becomes more commonplace, care must be given to hardware selection, OS tuning, and network preparation in order to achieve accurate, repeatable results. This brief talk will highlight some common pitfalls of testing at 40G and beyond, as well as EPOC's experience with resolving those issues.

15:10-15:30perfSECURITY: The Intersection of perfSONAR and InfoSecMark Feit (Internet2)

perfSONAR is best known as a tool for measuring network performance, and as such doesn't often cross paths with the information security community. Improvements made over the last couple of years have given it the ability to do more than it ever has, and the development team is starting to expand its reach into other areas.

This session will provide a brief introduction to perfSONAR, discuss how data produced by InfoSec organizations can help secure perfSONAR installations and cover the potential for perfSONAR's use as a platform for deploying security tools.

15:30-15:45Questions and Answers
16:00-16:20MicroDep and perfSONAROtto Wittner (SIKT)

Microdep does measurements and analyses to discover routing quality issues. The systems event analysis engine will be presented and its potential future integration with perfSONAR discussed.

16:20-16:40UMich perfSONAR updateEd Colone (UMich)

An overview of recent and ongoing perfSONAR development at the University of Michigan. Topics will include WiFi monitoring, pScheduler plugin development, mobile testpoints, and deployment automation.

16:40-17:00Questions and Answers

May 25th

13:00-13:20PMP Update Szymon Trocha (PSNC)

Review of the GÉANT Performance Management Platform changes and what to expect for the future.

13:20-13:40perfSONAR data analysis of PMPLjubomir Hrboka (CARNET)

perfSONAR data analysis of the Performance Management Platform

13:40-14:00Lookup Service reporting dashboardsAndrijana Todosijevie (AMRES), Katarina Simonovic (AMRES)

A look at some new dashboards reporting perfSONAR utilisation and the characteristics of the various public deployments. The talk will also explain how those were built using the Lookup Service API.

14:00-14:15Questions and Answers
14:30-14:50perfSONAR new Opensearch backendLuan Rios (RNP)

This talk discusses the changes that went into the archive of perfSONAR 5.0 as well as some of its motivations and overall impacts. An overlook at the package structure of this new backend will also be presented.

14:50-15:105.0 Migration and Beta testingAndy Lake (ESnet)

perfSONAR 5.0 will enter its beta phase soon. We'll look at the migration process and at the beta testing program.

15:10-15:30A New Architecture for Streaming Measurements with pScheduler Mark Feit (Internet2)

This talk discusses some of the pitfalls of perfSONAR's current regime for producing continuous streams of measurements in high-volume environments and what can be done to pScheduler's architecture to improve on it.

15:30-15:45Questions and Answers
16:00-16:10OS Support for 5.0Mark Feit (Internet2) , Antoine Delvaux (PSNC)

An update on the OS that you'll be able to install perfSONAR 5.0 on.

16:10-16:20Post 5.0 RoadmapAndy Lake (ESnet)

A glance at what the perfSONAR developers will be working on next and a place to give your suggestions.

16:20-16:40Questions and Answers

Workshop ConclusionsIvana Golub (PSNC)

Wrap up of the workshop and summary of recommendations.

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