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This is where we will keep note of ideas for the next meeting and for any future meeting topics. Everyone is welcome to add ideas or comments, or to use the table to insert themselves to i.e. volunteer to present a topic / lead a discussion session. Just click 'edit' top right and then "save" bottom right. (smile)

Please add any suggestions for the Spring 2016 TF-CPR meeting in Sweden. Or email


 NREN updates by...........N/A   
 'Show off' time topics....    
 'Challenges' session    
11-12-15Update / progress last Challenges session



Host welcome


Host comms overview / specific

 GÉANT digital engagement and how can we help the community in creating bigger outreach - value of paid advertising? How to use colleagues to be more engaged in social media?   Dimple recently attended a social media conference and has new things to share - details TBC 
 GDPR follow up - events, privacy of photos online etc? Are there any templates / materials? A checklist? (EC aspect less interesting for NRENs) Laura DLaura spoke with Ana about using GEANT stuff as a template. Perhaps ask Paola and Sarah from Jisc (have mentioned it to them) 

CLAW - feedback from the Nov workshop  - update on previously-discussed deliverable?

Examples of crisis plans - review in autumn meeting TBC??

 LonnekeLonneke to check with Charlie about report and idea of marcomms training in this area. 

GÉANT Clouds update ??

  national adoption comms  - Cynthia RESTENA, use cases - MAria to follow up - promoting community clouds 

PeaR  & GEANTT web presence update
Paul M says an update should be possible

SURFNet - marketing and product positioning - process (maybe wait until Feb 2019)Lonneketo go in 'challenges' open space ADD TO AGENDA or could be for a joint meeting with MSP

eduVPN - a new service at SURFnet that may becoming international? (possibly a GEANT thing too?) - do it first in MSP??? and in a joint meeting  MAYBE FOR JOINT MEETING WITH MSP IN AUTUMN 2019??LonnekeLD to check with colleague after Lonneke confirms who it is → not ready yet. Is in businessproces GEANT
Rogier Spoor/Lonneke & someone from GEANT

InAcademia ??LonnekeCheck with Gitte about DeIc implementation?

Up2U update? (need to engagae project partners more?)LauraCheck with Gyongyi / Barbara Toth about any updates

AARC ?Laura

SIGs & TFs updates?
Laura to ask Nicole / Gyongyi
L emailed 16 Nov

GLAD updates / training opportunities??
(Could we make the tips and tricks for photos and videos part of our tool box - update the wiki). Make our wiki more interesting / useful

Resource library update? (e.g. Zenodo for SIG presentations, following previous presentation)LauraCheck with Daniel & Nicole / Gy
L emailed 16 Nov

Check with SIG-MSP about joint meeting in autumn 2019Laura

GDPR for non-Europeans - (maybe at TNC19?)
Mentioned to Ana already

eduroam promotion (Japan? TNC19?) or something in the meantime e.g. love2eduroam and now 101 countries on borad
Interest in deploying services from the GEANT portfolio not just eduroam. Hard to get adequate info to other regions.
L to talk with Karl M about how to structure this for NRENs to contribute at Feb meeting. Could be good for EaP countries and others that are now really just rolling out to hear about past successes of NRENs for whom its now just a standard service.

outreach to research communities ?LauraAARC pilots, AEGIS, CEF  & common challenges, EYR - ask Jakob Tendel
save for Global joint meeting & invite TF-RED, Momday at TNC19

team-building exercise
Gitte will find one!

brainstorming breakout groups

materials market

PRACE marcomms overview or other
Marjolein Oorsprong a 20 min overview
Laura emailed her 15 Nov

VLOGGING - quick-fire video reporting from events (could be a practical workshop?)

Internal comms follow up??

Recruitment comms

materials - paper v. online - design v text???? What's the most effective way of getting a response to calls for action??

Metrics / data Analytics ? - perhaps in the context of follow up on strategic planning (how to build in metrics and what's useful to measure) & formal reporting & visualisation

strategic approach

GRNET strategy updates
Gitte to ask Artemis and Dimitra

clinics - challenge us to your challenges / breakout to tackle a specific practical issue with a buddy (pre-define via email) dating agency?
L has asked Marjolein O about one potential challenge.

To have also Video Conferences on topic inbetween the Sig-Marcomms meetings

CRM experiences - what platforms are used by NRENs (poss for MSP joint meeting)

SIG-Marcomms and Global group could regularly attend all the global teams meetings at GÉANT or other events and update about the decisions and topics discussed. - REPORTING FROM EVENTS? Could use open space sessions for this? Or use the mailing list?

Report from the Global PR meeting

How to do outreach and engagement - not just events and materials? How to get their attention. How to integrate what we have to target audiences' everyday interests and activities? So they can attend, feel safe etc. Abundance of info and limited time and resources so need new ways to reach them and get noticed.

pricing (for joint meeting with MSP)

how to communicate with targets that are different then before (e.g. adminitration customers) relates to formal reporting??
Laetitia emailed 15 Nov

Belarus Space event presentation
Alexei emailed 15 Nov

CLAW 2019 report

Rosanna can do something for sure.

GTS ??

'Taxonomy' of marcomms knowledge. (From survey) Could this be made into a survey of existing tasks and skills to spot what's the normal range, what's exceptional and where gaps lie to be filled by e.g. training? Perhaps with global PR network? (L has asked Helga) Tips for improving comms skills
Helga didn;t really comment on this.

Shared list of community experts (for news quotes / fact checking / conference speakers etc.) Could also be a global activity (L asked Helga)
Helga thinks this is a good idea as long as we're realistic about the practicalities.

Personalising marketing comms / marketing automation - maybe ask an external expert to talk to us about chat box, AI

Customer journey and marketing automation tools and strategy - / content marketing and customer journey - maybe invite an external expert - how to create a cotnent & marketing plan, what need to think about, format, how combine with customer journey etc. Training? Jisc?
L to ask Jisc about getting in an external speaker.

Webinars - how to produce them as an outtreach and marcomms tool, how to straucture them to make them future-proof, memorable etc. 
Laura to follow up with Irina Matthews (emailed 15 Nov). Karl M could also contribute (L to follow up with him)
Lonneke has a person who could contribute. Maybe develop this into a hands-on session? Or divide discussion into before during and after making the webinar. Lonneke to check whether another webinar is imminent and can we record them making it.

Joint meeting with GA to 'educate' them about strategy, metrics, value shown etc so they can support their marcomms people in this???Maria

Evnts-related promotion / graphics topics?? // How to make events more interactive so that communications outcomes are more effective??

Anniversaries - EaP countries??
L to ask Olga and Iza ?

Jisc's digital 'self serve' vision - changing the website from a corporate / service brochure to a self-serve 'shop' / community spaceRobertAutumn 2019 meeting

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