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The following individuals formed a new steering committee in October 2019.

  • Lonneke Walk (SURFnet – Chair)
  • Laetitia Lagneau (Belnet)
  • Damian Niemir (PSNC)
  • Naira Kocharyan (ASNET-AM)
  • Jane Gifford (AARNet)
  • Kathryn Anthonisen (CANARIE)


The SIG is collectively led by its Steering Committee (SC) of 3-5 voluntary members who are nominated by its participants and appointed by GÉANT for a two-year term of office that is interruptible and/or renewable.

The SC is responsible for the business of the SIG. The SC takes decisions primarily by consensus or by simple majority within the SC. If a decision cannot be made, GÉANT is responsible for the decision.

The SC is also responsible for producing brief annual reports to GÉANT about the progress of the SIG according to the pre-defined yearly plan and Key Performance Indicators. (See the Charter.)

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