FileSender supports several different database back-ends, by virtue of PHP's PDO.

Currently there are 3 back-ends that are known to work: PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite.


  • The target database has the right schema, tables, etc, and is empty. See the create scripts in the scripts/ directory.
  • Both the source and destination database are called filesender
  • SQLite databases are called filesender.sqlite

Postgres to MySQL

Use a shell script that does:

  1. pg_dump
  2. Quote field names with backticks
  3. Remote any SET statements
  4. Remove any SELECT pg_catalog.setval statements
  5. Feed INSERT statements into MySQL


You can't simply filter all lines that start with INSERT INTO because the data contains newlines itself.

pg_dump -U username -h hostname -a --inserts filesender |
sed -r 's/^(INSERT\ INTO\ )(files|logs)(\ VALUES\ )/\1`\2`\3/g' |
sed -r '/SET\ ([a-z_]*)\ =\ (.*);/d' |
sed -r '/SELECT\ pg_catalog.setval(.*);/d' |
mysql -u username -h hostname -p filesender


PostgreSQL to SQLite

Largely the same shell script, but no backticks are needed here.

This takes a while depending on the amount of records.

pg_dump -U username -h hostname -a --inserts filesender |
sed -r '/SET\ ([a-z_]*)\ =\ (.*);/d' |
sed -r '/SELECT\ pg_catalog.setval(.*);/d' |
sqlite3 filesender.sqlite



SQLite to PostgreSQL

echo -e ".mode insert files\nSELECT * FROM files;\n.mode insert logs\nSELECT * FROM logs;" |
sqlite filesender.sqlite |
psql -U username -h hostname filesender



SQLite to MySQL


MySQL to PostgreSQL




MySQL to SQLite

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