This page is aimed at VoIP providers in the Netherlands


We currently have a phone system that consists of a local Asterisk server with quad BRI cards connected to the KPN ISDN network, and ~ 20 SIP phones.

We'd like to replace this with a new set-up that supports IPv6.

Therefore we are looking for a VoIP6 provider.

If you can offer such a service in the Netherlands, please contact us at We're willing to work together in any SIP6/VoIP6 trials, test setups, etc. We are also open to different approaches:

  • IPv6-only phones registering on a local system (preferably a VM) and trunking calls to a provider
  • Provider running everything and only have IPv6 phones in the office
  • Other ideas?

If you are VoIP4 provider and are interested in extending your business with IPv6, also contact us.

This is mostly uncharted territory, so if we manage to get things working, you'll have a competitive business advantage.

P.S. I'm tired of the lame excuses that always seems to come up whenever I speak with vendors about IPv6:

We don't support IPv6 because there is no demand for it.

Well guess what: there is no demand because there is not support for it.
This page is to break out of this circle and tell you that there really IS demand for it!
If you offer IPv6, we will want to do business with you.


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  1. Anonymous

    maybe give it a try at VoiceWorks

  2. Anonymous

    Contact SpeakUp, maybe they can help you. I don't think they support ipv6 yet, but they are always open for suggestions.

    Another provider that comes to mind is 12connect.

    Good luck! 

    1. I already did that, but despite several attempts and promises SpeakUp never came back to contact me (sad)

  3. Anonymous

    Finally SpeakUp came out with a network change that now forms the first part of public support for IPv6. This was a change long overdue, I must say. Unfortunately in fast-growing companies there is always too much work for the engineers we can find and hire. Anyway, it is now possible to communicate with our registrar-accounts via IPv6, and still maintain interworking with IPv4 endpoinds (our network will put an RTP-proxy in place). Now on to the next step: Making sure handsets play nice as well - we already identified quite a number of snafu's in phone firmwares.