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  • JIRA and confluence intregration
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To allow more transparent access to the JIRA bugtracker, it is possible to integrate the confluence wiki with the tracker. This way people can immediately see bugs/feature requests that are posted in JIRA and go to the correct JIRA page from confluence.

  • Enable the JIRA plugin from confluence
  • Set up a trusted communication between confluence and JIRA
  • Usernames between confluence and JIRA must match - this will be the case in conflu 3 with federated access.

Step 1: Obtain the URL of the Issue Filter

  • Main navigation bar go to: 'issues'/'new filter'.
  • Select the project you wish to find issues from.
  • Select the type of issues from the dropdown box.
  • Set up any other custom search parameters if you wish.
  • Click on the button: 'view'.
  • Click on the 'views' button on the right hand side
  • Right click on 'XML' and select 'copy link location'

Step 2: Embed the Issue Filter URL onto your Confluence Page

  • Log in to Confluence.
  • Edit the page where you wish to display the list of JIRA issues.
  • Type the following text into a new line at the appropriate location:
  • Replace 'CONTENT' with the JIRA filter URL from step 1.
  • Customise the macro output by adding optional parameters.
  • Save the page.