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GÉANT Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are established under the auspices of GÉANT in order to create an open forum where experts from its community exchange information, knowledge, ideas and best practices about specific technical or other areas of business relevant to the research and education networking community.

The GÉANT SIG – Information Security Management is a forum for interchanging knowledge and experiences on information security management topics.

The main aims of the SIG-ISM:

  • establish a community of security management professionals;
  • develop, maintain and promote a trust framework between NRENs based on international standards; 
  • promote the use of international security standards and share best practices for security management within NRENs; 
  • discuss and promote issues of information security management of particular interest to NRENs.

The disclosure of any information shared within the SIG follows the ISTLP code (

The achievements and KPIs for the 4th year

Planned achievementsKPIsDue Date
Maintain a trusted network for sharing best practices and information, increase NREN participation

2 workshops a year

Dec 20192021

Initiate and strengthen collaboration with other security working groups

1 joint workshop with WISE

Participation at the Security Day at TNC19Sep 2019Day 

25 May 2021

14 June 2021

Actively participate at the GN4-3 Security work package, taking the advisory role

Share the baseline documents with T2 and review their outcomes

Support the Security Awareness group with the resources already collected

Actively promote and participate at CLAW2019 CLAW2021 Crisis management event

Dec 20192021

The first SIG-ISM Charter can be downloaded from here.

The former SIG-ISM pages can be found at


This is the 5th year of SIG-ISM

The charter of the SIG was approved in July 2015, but the activities of the group started before that. New charter of the SIG-ISM was approved in February 2017 by the GCC.

The SIG-ISM is jointly led by its Steering Committee

  • Alf Moens (SURF) - chair
  • James Davis (JISC)
  • Rolf Sture Normann (UNINETT) 
  • Urpo Kaila (CSC)

Steering Committee's page





Joint SIG-ISM / WISE is planned to take place in London on 19-20 October, to replace the cancelled April 2020 on 25, May, 2021

The Steering Committees will review the decision to organise a F2F meeting at the beginning of August. If it will be possible to organise F2F meeting, the registration will be open thenis also planning a meeting later in Autumn - 26-27 October, 2021.


SIG ISM white paper security management

SIG ISM white paper risk management