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OrganisationContact personStatusInstallation

Peter Szegedi

Dick Visser

Installed on two VMs.

Done by Maarten Koopmans (lead developer), part of the TERENA pilot Phase i.

(tick) (public)

PSNCMaciej Brzeźniak

Installed on one single server

Code security and some performance tests will be done.

(tick) (test)

Mario Vandaele

Jean-Philippe Evrard

Installed on one single server for the moment.

Priority for the on-going national storage infrastructure tendering at BELNET

(tick) (private)
CESNETJakub Peisar

Installed on a) one single VM b) multiple VMs (see the Installation Guides)

Next on the agenda is performance testing. For this I will try to get the data when using 1-3 WebDAV daemon nodes.

I will try to scale the WebDAV daemon, put a load balancer before the nodes and do some performance tests.

Performance tests are done! Results are here.

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Damir Zagar

Nikola Garafolic

to be planned

Migration form GSS to (maybe) Cloud Drive.

FCCNJoão Pagaime

Installed and tested the software locally, on a Cent OS 6.2

It seems to be working, although it has a few rough edges that I have to look deeper.

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CESCALorenzo J. Cubero


Part of Lorenzo's internship at CESCA and his thesis. Software development efforts can be contributed.

(lightbulb) Jclouds API will be implemented at the back-end and performance tests will be done by the end of 2012


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RNPGui Maluf


Working with prof. Roberto Samarone Araújo and prof. Jeroen Van de Graaf within a similar project, and we're planning to make a bridge between OpenStack Swift and TERENA cloud broker.

(lightbulb) OpenStack S3 API development at the back-end.

(question) Fortunately the aaws library is open source. So I got the code, changed the constant S3_HOSTNAME, regenerate the Constant.class and put it inside the jar, changed the /etc/rightfabric/config.txt to use storage  = s3, restart all services, but looks like it is using local filesystem instead of trying to make the s3 connection!

Am I doing something wrong?

(warning) Handy hint for using s3 libraries to connect to OpenStack Swift. A while back, AWS changed the way the S3 endpoints work. Previously, buckets lived at, whereas after the change they now live at a subdomain: For this reason, modifying some of the libraries and tools to work with OpenStack Swift's S3 endpoint (which doesn't do the DNS smarts) is not easily possible with current versions.

This may not be the issue you're experiencing, but if odd things are happening, keep it in mind.

  • Basic protocol is working (put. get, delete, etc.) Waiting for employee authorization to publish the code on Github.

OpenStack Java SDK was used (not the S3 part of ot) for connecting the Swift installation and doing the back-end process to TCD. It is contributed to TERENA Github. TCD integration with RNP's OpenStack Swift based cloud storage infrastructure is planned.

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Christos Loverdos

Installed on Pithos+

GRNET will be integrating the Trusted Cloud Drive with the Pithos+ storage service that we have developed. Christos has been working with GRNET on Okeanos, our overall cloud storage service, and more specifically on its accounting components, written in Scala. He is an expert in Scala.

(lightbulb)OpenStack / Pithos+ interface to the cloud broker platform.

  • The Pithos+ interface is in a very good shape and almost complete. I have stumbled across a few issues with the existing Cloud Drive codebase and I had sent a relevant email a while ago. Live demo of the Cloud Drive integration with GRNET's production Pithos+ service will be done at TF-Storage.

Integration is done, contributed to TERENA Github, demonstrated at TF-Storage

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