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You can also update attrChecker.html with a Perl-script ( The script extracts the required attributes from the Attribute Checker handler element in shibboleth2.xml and modifies attrChecker.html accordingly (Note that script doesnt work with complex scenarios using AND and OR operators, it uses only "attributes" attribute from the handler). If you customize attrChecker.html and execute the Perl-script, make a backup of attrChecker.html before executing If the script doesn't find the tags it needs for replacing content, it might break the template. The script updates the PixelTracking link by replacing shibboleth tags between miss= and following ", attribute table rows between "TableStart" and "TableEnd" and after line "The attributes that were not released to the service are:" until the next empty line.

  • attrChecker.html and script can be downloaded from the GitHub