The purpose of this wiki is to provide technical instructions and recommendations how to make use of eduGAIN. Compared to the eduGAIN homepage this wiki's target audience are mostly the eduGAIN community, technical people who want to offer a service in eduGAIN or who want to enable their users to access eduGAIN services. The wiki provides guidelines, pointers to external pages and configuration samples. Write access is granted to all authenticated eduGAIN users. Content in this space should be eduGAIN-related.

If you don't find answers for your questions in this wiki, you might also contact the for assistance and guidance.

eduGAIN Documentation


Operational processes specification and documentation, as implemented by eduGAIN operations team.  

eduGAIN Operational Practice Statement: joining and membership (draft)

eduGAIN Operational Practice Statement: SAML operations (draft)

eduGAIN SAML Metadata Aggregation Practice Statement (draft)

The eduGAIN Support Team

Best Current Practice

Strongly recommended for federation and entities operators. Adherence can be monitored via the eduGAIN technical website.

GÉANT Code of Conduct

REFEDS Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity (Sirtfi)

REFEDS Research and Scholarship Entity Category 

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