The eduGAIN Support Team provide reactive support and proactive support. Our remit is to help federation operators and service owners. Reactive support is through our knowledge database and answering requests sent to Proactive support improves the quality of the eduGAIN service as a whole by pointing federation operators to issues with their metadata or their entities.

If you have an issue with your home organization's login, or are having problems accessing services in eduGAIN, you should contact your home organization. If you do not know your home organization, please contact your federation operator. Contact details for federation operators can be found on the eduGAIN members page

Reactive Support

We are building a Knowledge Database containing answers to frequently asked questions, and we list sources of help for specific issues. Before you raise a ticket directly with the eduGAIN Support Team, please check whether the knowledge database contains the information you need. If it does not, please raise a ticket by sending an email to

eduGAIN Support Knowledge Database

How can my Service Provider join eduGAIN?

If your Service Provider is not registered with a federation, please see our How to Join eduGAIN as Service Provider page.

If your Service Provider is already registered in a federation that is a member of eduGAIN, you should contact your federation operator. The details are different for every federation, although the basic process is:

  1. Load your federation's eduGAIN metadata feed (your federation may make eduGAIN metadata available through its production metadata feed)
  2. Ensure your SP's metadata is exported to eduGAIN
  3. Adapt your discovery service to display IdPs from outside your home federation
  4. Define requested attributes in your SP's metadata

More information on this process are also available on the How to Join eduGAIN as Service Provider page.

Issues and questions about eduGAIN services or tools

Please email We will usually be able to answer your question directly. Occasionally we will signpost you to the appropriate contact. The services and tools include:

Proactive Support

The quality of eduGAIN as an infrastructure depends strongly on the service quality of its member federations. The eduGAIN Support Team provides proactive support to reduce errors in eduGAIN metadata, and notify federation operators about real or potential problems with their entities. This helps ensure that IdPs and SPs in eduGAIN are configured and operated properly, which improves the overall service quality of eduGAIN. This work is done in close collaboration with the eduGAIN Operations Team and service owners.

The checking tools we use are listed above. We also monitor other checking frameworks, such as the eduGAIN import filters run by InCommon and the UK federation.

The following table lists entities which have been flagged by the UK federation eduGAIN import checker and where the entity owners have not been able to resolve the issue or their federation policy differs from the UK federation's.


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