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Hybrid Authentication is an operational scenarios many libraries are currently involved in: online publishers resources can be accessed both via IP based authentication and through a Web Single-Sign-On Session. AARC aims at promoting the adoption of  federated credentials in accessing services;  This pilot shows how Libraries can effectively use the OCLC EZproxy tool (which they often already have available, acting as an IP proxy) by levering its Acces Mode Switch feature, once configured accordingly. EZproxy can this act as a switch from IP based proxy to access non federated resources to SAML SSO redirect proxy, to entitle users to federated online resources if they own SAML2-IDP provided credentials.

This feature is of great potential in pushing libraries towards the adoption of federated identities and the provisioning of federated credentials to their users: EZproxy is a very popular tool widely adopted by Libraries worldwide, so the goal of this pilot is to show that, after proper configuration, it enables libraries to provide services to their users via Identity Federations and SAML IDPs. 

Detailed description

A detailed description of the aim and approach of this pilot and how it maps to the AARC Blueprint Architecture is available here

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