Pilot overview

As of March 2017, a large number of pilots have been prepared and lined up as part of the AARC SA1 activity. We assessed the suitability of many different components to handle common issues experienced in R&E. Topics range from handling guest users, managing attributes, to performing token translations. A detailed overview of all components piloted is available here: 

Expanding the reach of federated access


Check this flyer with a general overview of the pilots: <Click library pilots pdf leaflet> and give us feedback via this online survey 

Guest access

  • External identity provider pilot Include Social Identities (Facebook/LinkedIn/Google) in the Authentication and Authorization – tested with EGI
  • COmanage ORCID pilot  AuthN with ORCID iD and writing it to LDAP for use in collaboration services - tested with Dutch research communities

Testing technical and policy components

Attribute management - <Click attribute management pdf leaflet>

TTS pilots

  • IGTF to eduGAIN proxy  X509 to SAML  in order to access Services published to eduGAIN – tested with EGI, now in production with R&S and SIRTFI
  • CILogon-like pilot  SAML to certificate – tested with Elixir and EGI community
  • COmanage SSH pilot SAML to ssh + workflows and audit trail – tested with NL BBMRI community, EGI....
  • motley_cue: Direct SSH with OIDC.
  • WaTTS (SSH-plugin) stand alone p&p TTS using OIDC to generate ssh key – tested with EGI
  • WaTTS (RCauth-plugin) using OIDC to generate session inside which an RCauth Certificate is stored – tested with EGI, B2Access, HBP, Indigo
  • LDAPfacade    Providing access to non-web resources via SAML and PAM– tested at PSNC

 Enabling access to (commercial) 3rd party 

Cross infrastructure pilots

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