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4th & 5th April 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

SIG-NGN is the Special Interest Group on Next Generation Networks.

This meeting is was the second meeting of the SIG and hosted by SUNET in Stockholm.

Brorsson [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


"whiteboxing" & "optical"

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Meeting location: TBCMore details on how to get there and where to stay will be provided SUNET, Tulegatan 11, Stockholm, Sweden.

Direction provided on the SUNET website.

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Agenda (all times are in CET)

Thursday, 4th April 2019 - "WhiteboxingWhite boxing"

TimeWhat's happening

GÉANT GN4-3 WP6 White boxing workshop

This is open to all SIG-NGN attendees


Tim Chown (Jisc),

Xavier Jeannin (Renater), Ivana Golub (PSNC)

  • 9h00 - 09h30 : White-Box for NREN, lesson learnt, uptake strategy (X. Jeannin)

  • 09h30 - 09h50 : Work planned and use case within the GÉANT project (??)
  • 09h50 - 10h05 :  P4 - brief introduction (Frédéric Loui)
  • 10h05 - 10h25 : Coffee - Break
  • 10h25 - 10h50 : P4 Development of an R&E Network OS based on an open source platform (Frédéric Loui)
  • 10h50 - 11h15 : P4 New uses: network

    , Tim Chown (Jisc)

    In this session we present the work ongoing in the new GÉANT GN4-3 project in the area of white boxing and P4, to solicit input and feedback from the SIG-NGN community on uses cases and services.

    09:00-09:10Welcome and introductions - Ivana Golub, PSNC, GN4-3 WP6 co-leader
    09:10-09:40White boxing for NRENs, where we are today, lessons learnt, uptake strategy - Xavier Jeannin, Renater
    09:40-10:20Work planned and use cases (including new services) within the GÉANT project - Xavier Jeannin, Renater and Christos Argyropoulos, GRNet
    10:20-10:40Coffee break
    10:40-10:50Data plane programming, status, uptake strategy - Xavier Jeannin, Renater
    10:50-11:10Designing a routing platform for the R&E academic community - Frédéric Loui, Renater
    11:10-11:30Network monitoring and security (DDoS mitigation)
    (FBK team)
  • 11h15 - 11h30 :  P4 - brief demonstration (X. Jeannin)
  • 11h30 - 12h00 : Discussion around adoption
    with P4 - Marco Savi, FBK


    12:30-13:00Discussion around white box adoption (Updated)
    • Use cases, services, innovation, new features, concerns, ...
    • Uptake - quick-wins and challenges
    • How should we build a strong community around white boxing and data plane programming (inc. P4) ?


    13:00-13:15Welcome & Introduction - Rob Evans, Jisc, Rudolf Vohnout, CESNET, Edoardo Martelli, CERN, Lars Fischer, NORDUnet, Jac Kloots, SURFnet
    13:15-14:00"Whiteboxing at LINX" - Flemming Heino (LINX)
    P4: Topic TBA
    A Plethora of P4 Particulars" - Aaron A. Glenn

    "P4-to-VHDL: How We Built the Compiler for FPGA Devices" - Pavel Benacek


    & Jan Korenek (CESnet). (Video P4-INT | IPv7 Demo )

    15:30-16:00Tea and coffee break

    "FPGA and NPU technologies into our next generation production network" - Yatish Kumar (


    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

    "ESnet6 High-Touch Services: Telemetry and Rate Monitoring." - Richard Cziva (ESnet)
    19:30Pause (or provide feedback at Menti.com67 00 73)
    19:30-20:30Meet for drinks on the roof top bar Urban Deli (pay for yourself).
    (at own expense TBD
    at Urban Deli on Sveavägen 44 (Hosted by SUNET)

    Friday, 5th April 2019 - "Optical"

    TimeWhat's happening
    09:00-09:30SIG-NGN Steering Committee Catchup
    09:30-09:40Variable T/F Infrastructure and Testbed - Josef Vojtech (presented by Rudolf Vohnout), CESnet
    09:40-09:55"How to measure and analyze non-data applications in fibres?" - Jan Radil & Rudolf Vohnout (CESnet)
    09:55-10:45"Disaggregated optical systems" - Kent Lidstrom Lidström (Smartoptics)
    10:3045-11:0015 Tea and coffee

    "Choosing the right line encodingGEANT lab automation and network evolution." - Guy Roberts (GÉANT)

    11:45-12:3000"Optical time frequency: its a relative thing" - Guy Roberts (GÉANT)
    12:00-12:45"OpenROADM Multi Service Agreements" - Rob Smets (SURFnet)

    Wrap up, Summary and Next Steps - Rob Evans, Jisc, Rudolf Vohnout, CESNET, Edoardo Martelli, CERN, Lars Fischer, NORDUnet, Jac Kloots, SURFnet

    ...and provide feedback at 67 00 73