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Activity Results


The activity as defined in this project description was redesigned to reflect fundamental changes to the initial goals and requirements.

The initial idea was to deliver a fully fledged IdP as a Service solution to organisations by creating a platform hosted by either GÉANT or NRENS. During the course of this activity it turned out that this does not match the demand of the R&E community. Although there is a potential market for an IdP as a Service offering, especially for small and medium sized institutions, this solution should be very lightweight in a way that is is really easy to use, deploy and support basic functionality only. There is also no real demand for a GÉANT hosted service or supported product, because the time to market is considered a critical aspect by the community. There is also a high interest in combining locally hosted software with commercial and NREN offerings, which requires a highly modular software design.

Considering the reasons stated above, it was decided that a major change of the activities direction is required to match the community needs, which is documented in the IdP as a Service RfC. Therefore, the activity described will be changed and the effort to create a IdP as a Service solution will be continued under the new name IdP as a Service Software Solution with a different mission statement.

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February 6, 2019

Kickoff meeting

 Michael SchmidtIdP service kick off.pdf
 March 29, 2019 Minutes Alan Lewis
 April 04 2019 Minutes Alan Lewis