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Alexanderplatz 1

D - 10178 Berlin


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List of participants:

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(warning) Please register here:


  • How to get to DFN office by car, plane, train or public transport you find here (including map):
  • A recommended hotel in the area is "Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz Hotel":
  • Lunch will be provided in the form of sandwiches, optionally at the nearby area at own cost. Dinner reservation details will be added.

Agenda (preliminary)

Dinner on Thursday 15th November (an evening before the event)

We hope you would like to join us at Brauhaus Lemke am Alex, on Thursday 15th November at 19:30.

Please let Silvie Francisci (+44 7 402 452 918) know by 9th November if you like to come so that we secure the seat for you.


If you would like to contribute or have any questions for Steering Committee and Silvie Francisci (GÉANT), please contact sigcissadmin@lists.geant.orgTime zone: Berlin - GMT+1

08.30-09.00 (GMT+1)Arrivals, greetings, coffee...30 min

Introduction to SIG-CISS, agenda

SIG-CISS Steering Committee & Silvie Francisci, GÉANT

15 min

Update on Open Stack Operators (OSO) group (slides)

Simon Leinen, SWITCH

45 min

Collaborative cloud solutions and the opportunities and risks in hybrid cloud services

Karl Meyer, GÉANT

20 min10:20-10:5030

Bridging the gap between usb sticks, attachments and seamless collaboration

Christian Schmitz, Owncloud

30 min

GDPR and the challenges in the cloud

Magdalena Rzaca, GÉANT

30 min11.30-12.30-11.00

Options for SIG-CISS in terms of EC support for CS3 and Sync&Share

Hendrik Ike, GÉANT

30 min

CS3 2019: Programme Development, SIG-CISS & Strategic Directions

Jakub T. Mościcki, CERN

60 min

Discussion panel: Liason between SIG-CISS and CS3

30 min
12.30-13.15Lunch45 min

Update on new cloud activity in new GN project phase (GN4-3) <closed session>

Andres Steijaert, SURFnet

90 min
14:45-15:00Coffee break15 min

Rally and Tempest. Experiences with automated testing against your OpenStack deployment.

Kalle Happonen, CSC

30 min

Evolution of federated storage: datalakes and beyond 

Xavier Espinal, CERN

30 min
16:00-16:30Discussion about the impact on the NRENspanel: What is the role of the NRENs and their participation in cloud initiatives?30 min


Coffee15 min


17:00Closing the meeting-18:00

Formal closure

Further discussion

15 min

60 min


Please upload the presentations here:


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AV Info and Remote Participation

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