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  1. Create a new issue in the GEANT QA testbed requesting system,
  2. Provide the required information:
    • GN development team, responsible for the VM ( e.g. perfSONAR | GTS | NMaaS )
    • VM type (fixed VM | testing VM). Fixed VM is assigned permanently to a team, whereas Testing VM is assigned within set timeframe.
    • Processor clock assignment (2GHz, 2x2GHz)
    • RAM memory assignment (2GB RAM, 4GB RAM)
    • HDD space (up to 50GB)
    • OS type (Ubuntu | CentOS)
    • Time frame to be booked (start date - end date or unlimited in case of a VM dedicated to a development team)
    • Domain name (e.g. autobahn-1)
    • User responsible for OS-level administration, who is assigned OS root privileges. A member of GN3 development team, responsible for the VM.
    • Summary of activities to be carried out on this machine (integration/system testing, performance testing etc.)