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GÉANT provides a wide range of supporting services and activities for software development teams.  These activities are coordinated and promoted by GN4-3 Work Package 9 Task 2 (Software Governance and Support group).


Secure Code Training focuses on secure programming with the aim of minimizing the number of security bugs in the source code.  Software developers and security specialists learn how to implement the self-defending applications, that are protected against cyberthreats to the maximum possible extent.

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School of software engineering focuses on code quality and management. Since its early editions, SSE has been introducing and exercising novel technologies and approaches in the software engineering domain, and has been well-accepted by the community of GÉANT developers. 

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GÉANT delivers a full suite of supporting tools and virtual machines (VMs) for software test and development. The tools and VMs include issue (bug) tracking, continuous integration, and software repositories for source code and binaries.

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The catalogue of software best practices contains a set of practices which are fit for purpose of the GÉANT teams. Task 2 team offers the teams in GÉANT the guidance and consultancy in software best practices adoption along with the process for their monitoring.

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The GÉANT Software Catalogue (GSC) is a production-grade service providing unified view on software teams and projects in GÉANT. The tools collects automatically relevant information from different data sources with software artefacts such as source code repositories (BitBucket, GitHub), issue tracking systems (Jira) or quality inspection tools (SonarQube) 

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Software code reviews are offered as a supporting activity performed by an independent testing team from WP9 Task 2. Code reviews help the GÉANT teams to make their code more robust against all kind of threats and to increase the quality of the code.

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