GÉANT Software Catalogue is an up-to-date repository of information about software development projects and teams. The tool facilitates and supports the software engineering community in various processes that require knowledge on software development efforts.

More than 4 years ago, in February 2019, the Software Catalogue was launched and keeps working on the long term mission of building and sharing the "big picture" of GEANT software development efforts. The SC does this in an automated way by exploring projects' resources like Git, JIRA, GitHub, GitLab and many others.

SC may be compared to other available directories like, for example, Apache Projects Directory.

Example use cases for the catalogue

As a software engineer I can search for teams doing a related work so that I can start cooperating.As a training coordinator I can get an overview of project characteristics so that I can better plan training activities.As a maintainer I can recognize actual community in my project.
As developer of a single microservice I can get an overview on a team's joint effort put into our multi-modular software.As an infrastructure provider I can get an overview on projects and teams so that I can better adjust my service to real community needs.As someone I can <place for your use case here>


  • indexing software projects;
  • focus on organisational and technical aspects;
  • actual project community is recognized instead of just "declared" team members;
  • unified view for all software initiatives;
  • access restricted to organisation members;
  • information collected automatically;
  • information download from heterogeneous and scattered sources;
  • integration with and SonarQube.
  • information updated continuously.

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