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The Sirtfi public-facing homepage can be found at 

Training material can be found on the Sirtfi Technical Wiki at

The work plan and meeting notes can be found at 


Sirtfi has been presented at the following meetings:

EWTI (European Workshop on Trust and Identity), Vienna REFEDS Sirtfi Impact 20151207.pdf
ISGC (International Symposium on Grids and Clouds), Taiwan ISGC Raising Security 20160315.pdf
Kantara IAWG, Videoconference Kantara AARC Assurance Profiles 20160407.pdf


Additional background material created under the AARC project:

Sirtfi BrochureWhy_Sirtfi.pdf
ISGC Proceedings Paper (paper submitted, awaiting feedback)ISGC_2016_HShort.pdf
REFEDS Blog Post
Sirtfi PosterTNC16 Sirtfi Poster 20160427.pdf


Sirtfi will be presented at the following events: