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Guest access

  • ORCIDpilot  SAML ORCID account linking – in production at
  • COmanageORCIDPilot  AuthN with ORCID iD and writing it to LDAP for use in collaboration services - tested with Dutch research communities 
  • SocialIDpilot  Include Social Identities (FB/LI/ORCID/Ggl) in the Authentication and Authorization – tested with EGI
  • eduTeams  Lightweigth proxy to bridge between SAML2 various Authentication Sources (AuthSources) to be tested with BBMRI

Attribute management

  • AttributeManagementPilot  Attribute management and proxying to manage access to OpenStack – tested with EGI

  • BBMRIAAIPilot  Attribute management and proxying to manage access to BBMRI services – tested with BBMRI
  • PerunVOMSCILogonPilot  X509 access to Elixir and EGI services with Authz pushed from Perun to VOMS into cert –tested with Elixir

TTS pilots

  • IGTF to eduGAIN proxy  X509 to SAML  in order to access Services published to eduGAIN – tested with EGI, now in production with R&S and SIRTFI
  • CILogon-like pilot  SAML to certificate – tested with Elixir and EGI community
  • COmanageSSHPilot  SAML to ssh + workflows and audit trail – tested with NL BBMRI community, EGI....
  • Watts  stand alone p&p TTS using OIDC to generate ssh key – tested with EGI
  • LDAPfacade    Providing access to non-web resources via SAML and PAM– tested at PSNC