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1.Access EZ proxy demo instance at  https://ezproxy.fi.infn.it/

Login to EZproxy portal with your federated ID:

  1. choose your IdP (if not listed, ask to idem-help@garr.it to add your IdP to IDEM test federation for the purpose of this test)
  2. A single direct IdP has been set up on Ezproxy  for the purpose of the pilot
  3. login with the home organisation credentials (username: test1 and same password)

 Choose the Federated Resource Dogs 101 (redirection to SSO) 

(note the URL http://ezproxy.fi.infn.it/login?url=https://sp24-test.garr.it/dogs-101.html )

  1. after click, note the URL on the address bar of the browser https://sp24-test.garr.it/dogs-101.html .
  2. Your SAML SSO session is active and the page isn't proxied.

Choose the Not Federated Resource Cats 101 (via proxy) 

(note the URL http://ezproxy.fi.infn.it/login?url=https://sp24-test.garr.it/cats-101.html )

  1. after click, note the URL on the address bar of the browser https://sp24-test-garr-it.ezproxy.fi.infn.it/cats-101.html .
  2. You are permitted to access thanks to the rewriting rule of the proxy.


  1. A user use only one unified method of authentication to access both federated and not federated resources
  2. For each resource the Library logs the access in a unified way. If a Resource is federated, only federated access will be allowed, and  IP based auth wont be permitted anymore. If a Resource is not federated, the user gets the access via IP address auth, and the proxy will log the access o that resource in this way.


DOGS https://sp24-test.garr.it/dogs-101.html