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BodyLast challengeCampaign nameNext challengeCampaign nameStatus
IGTFNovember 2015October 2019

IGTF-RATCC4-2019In progressCompleted
EGIMarch 2019SSC 19.03 (8)

Trusted IntroducerAugust 2019TI Reaction TestJanuary 2019TI Reaction TestRepeats three times a year


PeriodOctober 2019
Initiator contactInteroperable Global Trust Federation IGTF (
Target communityIGTF Accredited Identity Providers

Target type

own constituency of accredited authorities
Target community size~90 entities, ~60 organisations, ~50 countries/economic areas
Challenge format and depthemail to registered public contacts
expecting human response (by email reply) within policy timeframe
Current phasePreparatory communications sentCompleted, summary available
Summary or reportPreliminary result: 82% prompt (1 working day) response, follow-up ongoing