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Attendees: José-Manuel, xxx, Paul D, Klaas, Kurt, Janne, Tomasz, Maja, Stefan, Rok, xxxTomo, Hideaki, Brook, Anders.


The SENSE app is intended to only do XML profiles. Need access to a public net or cellular data. Status quo can be achieve with app. Input from Swanse Uni. How could the app automatically configure itself? This would be significantly better.

Paul: Would prefer no setup SSID and instead use GPS co-ordinates or something else to identify the profile.

What are the classes of user?

  • On Campus users
  • 1st time eduroam users that are off-campus

The app will be generic but the focus is for organisations to have their own branded app..

GPS co-ordinates.



XML profile is to be standardised via the IETF.

The Cloud the free wifi provider in the UK has a "FastConnect" app:

Email "promotional" message to students which has the links for provisioning and the necessary information for the initial setup.

[ACTION] Paul to determine what XpressConnect does for non-Xpress Connect customers.