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TF-OpenSpace – Session 3, room yellow.   12 February 2014. 

Lead by:  Tomasz (PSNC) & Stefan Winter (RESTENA)

Attendees: José-Manuel, xxx, Paul D, Klaas, Kurt, Janne, Tomasz, Maja, Stefan, Rok, Tomo, Hideaki, Brook, Anders.

Notes: Brook Schofield


  1. Getting EAP Config on to a device in an optimal way (Tomasz)


SENSE will be shown tomorrow.

Android needs to be online and XML.

The SENSE app is intended to only do XML profiles. Need access to a public net or cellular data. Status quo can be achieve with app. Input from Swanse Uni. How could the app automatically configure itself? This would be significantly better.

Paul: Would prefer no setup SSID and instead use GPS co-ordinates or something else to identify the profile.

What are the classes of user?

  • On Campus users
  • 1st time eduroam users that are off-campus

The app will be generic but the focus is for organisations to have their own branded app.

XML profile is to be standardised via the IETF.

The Cloud the free wifi provider in the UK has a "FastConnect" app:

Email "promotional" message to students which has the links for provisioning and the necessary information for the initial setup.

[ACTION] Paul to determine what XpressConnect does for non-Xpress Connect customers.

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