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The workshop will help TF-EDU develop a forward-looking roadmap to better understand the changes as a community, and for the education sector as a whole.


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Timing (CEST)

Topic / Talk

12:30 - 13:00 (30’)


Preparation, come and meet the organisers over a cup of coffee and test your audio and video

13:00-13:15 (‘15)

Welcome and general introduction to TF-EDU

Hosts: Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet) & Gyongyi Horvath (GEANT)

Introduce how participants can help shape and inform the future TF-EDU Roadmap during this workshop and beyond.

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13:15-13:30 (‘15)

NRENs for education - The landscape

Dragana Kupres (CARNET)

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She will present our third annual NREN educational services and activities survey result. The latest survey shows a wider, more global scope plus presents current landscape and trends. She will also reflect back from the earlier surveys and possible early impact of the pandemic.

13:30-14:00 ('30)

NRENs are vital to the future of education

Jet de Ranitz (SURF)

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From the perspective of a CEO, Jet de Ranitz from SURF will talk about SURF’s vision and approach to the digitalization of education, sharing their plan for acceleration of digitalization and how they are engaging with relevant organisations with a role in education.

14:00 - 15:00 ('60)

The ‘Case for NRENs’ – wherever next? - panel discussion

Hosts: Esther Wilkinson (Jisc) & Birgitta Hemmingsson (MIUN/ITHU)

Following the presentation from SURF's CEO, this session we will deliver a provocative and evocative panel session to consider whether there is a changing role for National Research and Education Networking organisations (NRENs), facilitated by Esther Wilkinson (Jisc), and made up of a globally representative panel of experts with rich experience and a range of views on ‘what next?’ for NRENs.

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  • NORDUnet - Erik Kikkenborg

  • KENET (Kenya) - Prof. Meoli Kashorda

  • NSRC (Canada) - Steve Song
  • BCNET (Canada) - Bala Kathiresan
  • PSNC (Poland) - Krzysztof Kurowski
15:00-15:15 ('15)


What is next for educational services?

15:15-16:15 ('60)

Technical topics for education:

Hosts: Nathalie Roth (SWITCH) & Tomi Dolenc (ARNES)

  • Student mobility / eduID - Christoph Graf (SWITCH)

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nameCG-20210617 edu-ID@TF-EDU.pdf

  • Student administration system - Maria Johanna Segerkvist Kumle (UNIT)

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  • Videoconferencing - Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet)
16:15-16:45 ('30)

Legal topics for education: 

Data transfers after Schrems II - the EU data protection perspective

Hosts: Vegard Moen (UNIT) & Tomi Dolenc (ARNES)

  • Andrew Cormack (Jisc)

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nameAC-Schrems II-TF-EDU-17062021.pdf

  • Dr. Jelena Burnik - (Slovenian Data Protection Authority)
16:45-17:00 ('15)

Event wrap up & conclusions

Host: Gyongyi Horvath (GEANT)

Take an initial look at what participants have suggested as topics to inform the future TF-EDU Roadmap for the next year, three and ten years.