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The Task Force proposes to gather information, discuss and develop tools and best practices to address the common issues NRENs are dealing with regarding their educational services and activities. The areas include digital learning environment (Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Analytics (LA), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)...e.t.c.), eduID, Open Educational Resources (OER) and more.

The results of the Task Force will yield joint activities, projects, documentation and tools for NRENs.

NRENs and education is GÉANT's new activity to support our community in enhancing their educational activities. National research and education networks have always been providing connectivity and services to their higher educational institutions. The focus expanded to offer more services to support education with the ever changing technological advances. The constant innovation and changes create new opportunities and also new challenges for our community. With this activity we plan to address the commonalities and create future vision for the benefit of the community.

Main areas of the activity:

  • Identify common goals to work together
  • Identify common challenges
  • Create a global vision and strategy

The activity plans to create an open forum where experts from its community exchange information, knowledge, ideas and best practices about specific technical or other areas of business relevant to the research and education networking community.

The achievements and KPIs for 2020

Planned achievements


Due Date

Overview of European NRENs educational services and activities: 
  • Table of NREN educational activities and services
  • Identified potential joint activities / projects

43 GEANT NRENs results collected

Minimum 2 areas identified

end of May 2020


  • Create and lead a working group within TF-EDU
  • Create an overview of educational identity services.

end of May 2020

Adoption and forming open standards:

  • Overview of available and upcoming standards for edu tech.

end of May 2020

Annual survey:

  • Maintain, update and carry out the educational survey among NRENs.
43 GEANT NRENs results collected

end of March 2020

Workshop at TNC20:

  • Coordinate with a steering committee the meeting arrangements and content.

12 June 2020

The achievements and KPIs for 2019

Planned achievements


Due Date

GÉANT expert group created and the group's focus and objectives are communicated to all NRENs

More than 3 NREN represented the expert group

October 2018 


Overview of GÉANT member activities is created

All 38 NREN activities in education are visible

end of October 2018


2 VC expert group meeting takes place with the objectives of identifying common interest areas and common challenges

Workplan with NREN leads identified

end of October 2018


Task Force Steering Committee members:

  • Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet) - Chair
  • Gyöngyi Horváth, GÉANT - Coordinator
  • Dragana Kupres (CARNET) - Coordinator
  • Esther Wilkinson (Jisc)
  • Vegard Moen (UNIT)
  • Tomi Dolenc (ARNES)
  • Nathalie Roth (SWITCH)
  • Jasmijn Jacobs-Wijn (SURFnet)
  • Birgitta Hemmingsson (ITHU)

Mailing list: tf-edu@lists.geant.org

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST:  https://lists.geant.org/sympa/subscribe/tf-edu

Next Events


This is the first year of the GÉANT NRENs and education activity started in September 2018 with a creation of the NREN educational expert group.

First year: February 2020 - February 2021

The Task Force has been endorsed and approved by the GCC on 11 February 2020.

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