For community messaging around the COVID-19 situation and links to some other tools and information, see COVID-19 Communications - COMMUNITY.

For an overview of all COVID-19-related activities in the GÉANT Community Programme see COVID-19 community activities and resources

A page has been created by CHEITA to enable higher education and research institutions around the world to share current activities:

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Country / Organisation



Portugal - FCCNFCCN opened up their educational softwares to support distance education, 
European - GEANTWorking on (this week) offering to education in Europe an open version (openUp2U) of the current - Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) modular, interoperable, highly customisable and portable platform.

More information on Up2U:

Please note that this is not yet the open version.

International - UNESCODistance learning solutions
International -Community initiativeA list of shared educational resources links.
Croatia - CARNET, SRCE in close cooperation with Croatian Ministry of Education

Distance learning solutions for all schools, teachers and students in Croatia moving to completely online learning from March, 16, 2020 (national Moodle installation, Office 365 for schools - Teams, Yammer)

In Croatian
Netherlands - SURFA website with articles about designing online education and supporting tools. The website is a community-driven initiative. Our special interest groups are involved in sharing their expertise and support. We offer a webinar programme and technical support. Target audience is support staff.

In Dutch
International - EDUCAUSEEducational resources: This resource page was created to help higher education institutions plan for possible campus disruption by COVID-19, or Coronavirus 19—a respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. and International
United Kingdom - Jisc

Help and information for Jisc members around planning for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ensuring continuity of learning during enforced absence - Practical tips to maintain teaching, learning and business operations during circumstances where staff or learners are unable to physically spend time on campus.

Teams site set up as a safe-space for members to discuss their planning and concerns for coronavirus through stimulating conversation, providing the space for those conversations to happen and providing an expert view from Jisc where appropriate.

Norway - UNITUnit_Norwegian covid19 support page 

USA - Internet2

Understanding Network Impacts of Increased Online Learning Activities: Read this helpful resource by Internet2's Rob Vietzke intended to help campus leaders understand the changes and pivot to cloud-based learning.

This article describes how campus, regional, and Internet2 networks provide access to cloud-based learning today, and what will change as campuses migrate to online learning by off-campus students.
Oman - OMREN
  • Zoom and Google classrooms are now opened.
  • Launched the GEANT file transfer service after configuring it to run with our federation and brand it Mirsal. 
  • ISP are providing free access to all domain from mobile and home for students to access materials at their schools and colleges. This came with great push from OMREN
  • Ministry of Education is broadcasting lessons through Oman TV

Brazil - RNPNREN response to support education and research Portuguese
Australia - AARnetNREN response to support education and research
Canada - CANARIENREN response to support education and research
Chile - RedCLARANREN response to support education and research 

Nordics - NORDUnetNordic NREN response to support education and research
New Zealand - REANNZNREN response to support education and research English
Malta - University of Malta

University of Malta is supporting the use of several tools such as Google Meet, Panopto and Zoom. Google Meet is more being used for informal & small meetings between work colleagues whilst Zoom is more being used for the delivery of online lectures and larger meetings. Staff are preparing user guides for academics and delivering online webinars to help them get started with the online tools available for them. 

Ukraine - URAN

Supporting tool for online education and work - offering free videoconferencing service 

URAN has implemented eduMEET, an Open Source web-conferencing GÉANT service. It is an interactive, web-based videoconferencing platform, supporting distant learning processes



Sri Lanka - LEARN

Government of Sri Lanka, Telecommunication Regularity Commission, University Grants Commission along with LEARN got into an agreement with all ISP's to provide free access during these difficult times to access E-Learning/ LMS sort of content hosted within LEARN and its members.

This will help academics and students around the country to access learning materials, vcons free of charge from their homes respecting social distancing and curfews imposed.




Estonia - HITSA
Everything you need to organize e-learning during distance learning: the latest information, tips, answers to frequently asked questions



Switzerland - SWITCHAlong with our current web and video conference services based on Adobe Connect and Vidyo (hosted by CERN), we now offer Jitsi on SWITCHengines for Swiss Higher Education Institutions, to bridge the high demand of video and web conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What is more, we offer SWITCHdrive (for sharing and storing files), SWITCHcast (lecture recording) and SWITCHtube (video portal) and SWITCHfilesender (to send large files). In addition, we do have a very active e-learning community in Switzerland, called eduhub (, which we coordinate. We organise regular events together with the community, such as conferences, webinar and workshops, to foster exchange of experiences and best practices in e-learning and to support collaboration among Swiss Higher Education Institutions. 

SWITCH collaboration services:


Czech Republic - CESNETTogether with our on premise videoconferencing platfom based on Pexip and Adobe Connect we offer Zoom to the universities and the academy of sciences. We also share a variety of resources for distance education including recommendations and manuals created at the universities.



Italy - GARRGARR has joined and is supporting the national initiative to make available free videoconferencing tools where a large set of "roughly federated" JITSI and eduMEET resources are made available to anybody (not only to R&E) who needs them for smart working, teaching, etc. It is an interesting collaboration experiment where public and private and even individuals create a shared meeting platform. GARR also widened the offer to the R&E community of our Vconf and WEBmeeting services and is promoting UP2U services to schools.

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