This page gives an overview of all COVID-19-related activities and resources ongoing in the GÉANT community.


1) Academic Conferences Cancelled or Postponed due to COVID-19 Caution:  (crowd-sourced overview started by an Assistant Professor of Library Services, University of Northern Iowa, USA.

2) A CEO Forum survey has gone to all CEOs and GNA-G members to understand their actions in terms of the following areas:

A. General B. Organization C. Network & Services D. Community E. Closing remarks


Topic areasInformation on the activitiesLinksAdditional information
EducationShare resources and information on tools and experiences to support education.COVID-19 - Remote educational tools and supporting information
Education25 March, 12:00 CET: to share experiences and good practices across the global education sector TF-EDU virtual meeting
Crisis managementBest practices for Crisis management from CLAWCrisis management information sharing

Internal and external communications messaging from various organisations, filterable by topic, channel, audience, organisation.

COVID-19 Communications - COMMUNITY
Communications2-3 April, 13:30 CET start: SIG-Marcomms meeting (face-to-face event cancelled)SIG-Marcomms
Network operations

25 March, 14:00 CET: SIG-NOC online meeting (face-to-face event cancelled)

Continued NOC operations in the face of a pandemic
Security21-23 April, SIG-ISM/WISE online meeting TBC (face-to-face event cancelled)SIG-ISM/WISE joint workshop
Guidelines for online meetingsSupport resources produced by the GÉANT Learning and Devleopment (GLAD) team in 2019 for SIG-Marcomms
Guidelines for online meetings

GÉANT Project resource from a few years ago to current.

Best Practice Guide for Virtual Meetings

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