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NREN updates by...........N/A

'Show off' time topics....

'Challenges' session

11-12-15Update / progress last Challenges session


InTheField update if something new to mentionJane20 minsTNCJane

Crisis Communications – "for me and maybe others who can’t go to SIG Marcomms meetings/workshops it would be really useful to get some guidelines about this – the slide decks from you last workshop looked really interesting and what you all learnt is specifically for NRENs. I would be happy to coordinate this if you think it would be a something for the agenda."Janesession 1.5 hrs max

maps updates if relevant (GREN project ^ GÉANT interactive)  - 

Kathryn / other 20 mins

TOOLS TOPIC - GDPR-proof tools & platforms - what are people using? How did you make them GDPR proof
Email the list to ask if this is of interest and anyone has examples to share? newsletter software, survey software etc. Create a page overview?

NREN updates non EU / EU

eduroam promotion (Japan? TNC19?)

team-building exercise

VLOGGING - quick-fire video reporting from events (could be a practical workshop?) - share examples or discuss why people are not doing it - what are the barriers?

Digital engagement resources as handover

GDPR follow up - events, privacy of photos online etc? Are there any templates / materials? A checklist? (EC aspect less interesting for NRENs) Laura DLaura spoke with Ana about using GEANT stuff as a template. Perhaps ask Paola and Sarah from Jisc (have mentioned it to them)

CLAW - feedback from the Nov workshop  - update on previously-discussed deliverable?

Examples of crisis plans - review in autumn meeting TBC??

 LonnekeLonneke to check with Charlie about report and idea of marcomms training in this area.

GÉANT Clouds update ??

 national adoption comms  - Cynthia RESTENA, use cases - MAria to follow up - promoting community clouds

PeaR  & GEANTT web presence update
Paul M says an update should be possible

SURFNet - marketing and product positioning - process (maybe wait until Sept 2019)Lonneketo go in 'challenges' open space ADD TO AGENDA or could be for a joint meeting with MSP

eduVPN - a new service at SURFnet that may becoming international? (possibly a GEANT thing too?) - do it first in MSP??? and in a joint meeting  MAYBE FOR JOINT MEETING WITH MSP IN AUTUMN 2019??LonnekeLonneke to check 
Rogier Spoor/Lonneke & someone from GEANT

InAcademia ??LonnekeLonneke to check internally

Up2U update? (need to engagae project partners more?)LauraCheck with Gyongyi / Barbara Toth about any updates

SIGs & TFs updates?
Laura to ask Nicole / Gyongyi
L emailed 16 Nov

GLAD updates / training opportunities??
(Could we make the tips and tricks for photos and videos part of our tool box - update the wiki). Make our wiki more interesting / useful

Resource library update? (e.g. Zenodo for SIG presentations, following previous presentation)LauraCheck with Daniel & Nicole / Gy
L emailed 16 Nov

Check with SIG-MSP about joint meeting in autumn 2019Laura

eduroam promotion (Japan? TNC19?) or something in the meantime e.g. love2eduroam and now 101 countries on borad
Interest in deploying services from the GEANT portfolio not just eduroam. Hard to get adequate info to other regions.
L to talk with Karl M about how to structure this for NRENs to contribute at Feb meeting. Could be good for EaP countries and others that are now really just rolling out to hear about past successes of NRENs for whom its now just a standard service.

outreach to research communities ?LauraAARC pilots, AEGIS, CEF  & common challenges, EYR
save for Global joint meeting & invite TF-RED, Momday at TNC19

team-building exercise
Gitte will find one!

brainstorming breakout groups

materials market

PRACE marcomms overview or other
Marjolein Oorsprong a 20 min overview
Laura emailed her 15 Nov

VLOGGING - quick-fire video reporting from events (could be a practical workshop?)

Internal comms follow up??

Recruitment comms

materials - paper v. online - design v text???? What's the most effective way of getting a response to calls for action??

Metrics / data Analytics ? - perhaps in the context of follow up on strategic planning (how to build in metrics and what's useful to measure) & formal reporting & visualisation

strategic approach

GRNET strategy updates
Gitte to ask Artemis and Dimitra

clinics - challenge us to your challenges / breakout to tackle a specific practical issue with a buddy (pre-define via email) dating agency?
L has asked Marjolein O about one potential challenge.

To have also Video Conferences on topic inbetween the Sig-Marcomms meetings _ask at end of Global joint meeting

CRM experiences - what platforms are used by NRENs (poss for MSP joint meeting)

SIG-Marcomms and Global group could regularly attend all the global teams meetings at GÉANT or other events and update about the decisions and topics discussed. - REPORTING FROM EVENTS? Could use open space sessions for this? Or use the mailing list?

Report from the Global PR meeting (Sept meeting)

How to do outreach and engagement - not just events and materials? How to get their attention. How to integrate what we have to target audiences' everyday interests and activities? So they can attend, feel safe etc. Abundance of info and limited time and resources so need new ways to reach them and get noticed.

pricing (for joint meeting with MSP)

how to communicate with targets that are different then before (e.g. adminitration customers) relates to formal reporting??
Laetitia emailed 15 Nov

Belarus Space event presentation
Alexei emailed 15 Nov

CLAW 2019 report
Internal comms in a crisis was in CLAW 2019, and another about leadership

Rosanna can do something for sure.

GTS ??

'Taxonomy' of marcomms knowledge. (From survey) Could this be made into a survey of existing tasks and skills to spot what's the normal range, what's exceptional and where gaps lie to be filled by e.g. training? Perhaps with global PR network? (L has asked Helga) Tips for improving comms skills
Helga didn;t really comment on this.

Shared list of community experts (for news quotes / fact checking / conference speakers etc.) Could also be a global activity (L asked Helga)
Helga thinks this is a good idea as long as we're realistic about the practicalities.

Personalising marketing comms / marketing automation - maybe ask an external expert to talk to us about chat box, AI

autumn 2020?

Customer journey and marketing automation tools and strategy - / content marketing and customer journey - maybe invite an external expert - how to create a cotnent & marketing plan, what need to think about, format, how combine with customer journey etc. Training? Jisc?
L to ask Jisc about getting in an external speaker.
autumn 2020?

Webinars - how to produce them as an outtreach and marcomms tool, how to straucture them to make them future-proof, memorable etc. 
Laura to follow up with Irina Matthews (emailed 15 Nov). Karl M could also contribute (L to follow up with him)
Lonneke has a person who could contribute. Maybe develop this into a hands-on session? Or divide discussion into before during and after making the webinar. Lonneke to check whether another webinar is imminent and can we record them making it.

Joint meeting with GA to 'educate' them about strategy, metrics, value shown etc so they can support their marcomms people in this???Maria

Evnts-related promotion / graphics topics?? // How to make events more interactive so that communications outcomes are more effective??

Anniversaries - EaP countries??
L to ask Olga and Iza ?

Jisc's digital 'self serve' vision - changing the website from a corporate / service brochure to a self-serve 'shop' / community spaceRobertAutumn 2019 meeting

How can you show your strategic role within the company - to demonstrate the value and impact of marcomms from a business point of view within the NREN, to show that marcomms does matter.LonnekeLaetitia is working on this, maybe Robert. Maybe Kathryn.
Laet could speak about the difficulties of doing this.

Brand Building for NRENs – how the whole of marketing communications – social, presentations, website, collateral, works to either strengthen or weaken your brand position. Maybe something for an external trainer to take on? Or Minna's German professor on identity-based brand management?Kathryn / MinnaLonneke will contact Minna. 

Internal culture development comms - follow up to recruitment branding topic?

Brand architecture at SURF (TBC)

Upcoming opportuities for campaigns - can we coordinate and share work based on what's topical, what's the priorities for (enough) NRENs, GEANT etc. make a community calendar of repeating dates such as Movember, Cybersecurity, Women in STEM etc - coordinate with GEANT

general update to the group about the IETF, and how the R&E networking community is and/or could be involved in the IETF and Internet Research Task Force
Gregg Wood, IETF
For TNC20 Brighton meeting TBC

TF-RED update and exploration of potential topics for potential joint meeting

Research Engagement & marcomms synergies at RENAM
Olga Popcova

InAcademia launched - what NREN marcomms need to know / do
Karl Meyer TBC

Strategic value of marcomms from the West and Central
African perspective

Effah Amponsah (WACREN)

GEANT values development (as part of the topic on creating / changing culture
Paul Maurice TBC

mini interviewing workshop (to encourage people to use the new CONNECT facility)


WEBSITES - new eaPConect ones- branding, process, fitting with EU4Digital (choices) / SURF community website for sharing - challenges etc (Jane facing similar challenges)  Could pair this with more general look at community building (social media, ownership of channels, what to do when an engaged colleague leaves)


GNAG website - Jane - branding etc. has helped increase engagement


Company Culture - Jane can talk about company values exercise & virtual town hall meetings & branding aspects. Paul Maurice could talk about internal process for values etc.  - Lonneke could give examples great


TF-RED 'envoys' or small overlap at TNC20?


Events & events management - how does it fit with branding & culture? how best to measure impact on the community? are there best practices to follow?

Global branding - GNAG (Global Network Advancement Group), CEO Forum, ITF blog evolution (question), global rebrand of eduGAIN needed?


CLAW update (30 mins)

The GREN map - update on progress

Laetitia Lagneau (Belnet)

Kathryn Anthonisen (CANARIE)

Research Engagement & Marcomms

Research Engagement & marcomms synergies at RENAM & EaPConnect project

(Re)Introducing TF-RED: exploring topics of mutual interest & a potential joint meeting - introducing SIG-Marcomms to TF-RED

TF-RED interview series

Common marketing materials across services from a global persepctive with user community target -

how to promote ITF across TF-RED space and how they can feed into that.

How to share needs and requirements from both sides and discussion around that. - How can teams share at national / global level, to create added-value stories.

What types of info the marcomms teams are looking for from res eng in order to create materials and user stories?

What does success look like in Res Eng? what are the outputs of a successful process?

Breakout rooms where can discuss specifics.

How does engagement with researchers work in different countries? What are the most effective tools and channels? eg AARnet has a round table event which engages at a higher level in hierarchy. TF-RED survey before Christmas - identified 3 tyoes of res eng : 1) starting - trying to find fit within organisation, 2) established - good grasp but still learninig, 3) old hands - future forward focused in their approach. So this makes a pathway for development - how to align with marcomms support?

Is it also a goal to have more international project engagement and make it visible on a national level? Depends on which stage of development.

Olga Popcova (RENAM)

Juraj Bilić (CARNET)


New Connect website and newsletter - first view of stats etc.


Summer social media campaign

Paul Maurice (GÉANT) tbc

Karl Meyer (GÉANT)

Karl Meyer (GÉANT) TBC


How can you show the strategic value of Marcomms within your NREN? What challenges do you face in trying to show this? What methods are you using? Why do you need to do it?

With a few examples from people who are facing this challenge, we will discuss the wider questions.

Laetita Lagneau (Belnet)

Effah Amponsah (WACREN) tbc


How do internal communications, branding, events management and other factors such as the development of values contribute to the establishment of a constructive and healthy culture within your organisation? Following on from recruitment communications, internal communications and branding topics of recent meetings, this subject blends them together in a new way.

Lonneke Walk (SURF)

Jane Gifford (AARNet)

Damian Niemir (PSNC)

Paul Maurice (GÉANT) tbc

What happened to Zenodo?

Update on the TFs & SIGs repository

Daniel Wustenberg (GÉANT)

SIG-Marcomms Terms of Reference reviewLaura Durnford (GÉANT)


How to build an effective website?

Challenges, processes, successes: how do various needs get taken into account in creating new websites?

Examples from the EaPConnect project, SURF, AARNet, GNAG, In The Field



What else can we do with our online presence?

Factors such as multi-stakeholder branding, providing a platform for community sharing, and assigning ownership of channels to non-marcomms colleagues can be a challenge. How do you build engagement? Involve colleagues?


Laura Durnford (GÉANT & EaPConnect)

Lonneke Walk (SURF)

Jane Gifford (AARNet)

  • Big infra updates - Bella, Japan-Guam-Australia, Arctic Connect, Indigo - still growing, still emeting new needs, still diversifying routes - inetrnational routes that the community is investing in. We have to build in advance of the needs. Marcomms story about global research and education that continues to evolve and take advantage of this, in a way that benefits all GREN partners. Leverage collabos in marcomms, technical, funding side, and these developments change the dynamic. Need to address GREN terminology.

NRENs and WCAG standard - PSNC developed a service about the war in 1920 between Poland and Bolshevik Russia, historical interactive map. Media picked it up. One disability activiist said the page is digitally unavailable and sent it to the Ministry of digitisation. What is the law in Poland about WCAG? Had 7 days to make a special report for this citizen on what can do for the digital availability of the service as PSNC and the service are public funded. EU has special legal obligation to be digitally available. In fact just a few simple things are needed. 2016 directive passed. Until 23rd June 2021 all services and pages should be done and then can be fined. Every web page in metadata and functionality must be done. Who can use WCAG standards if we can't. Laetitia is in the process. Every video should have an audio description. PDFs should also be explained.

eprivacy regulation updateMagdalena Rzaca (GÉANT)
Autumn 2021