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Discussion mailing list ( has been set up for Phase ii. Pilot participants can subscribe to the list here.

How to participate


There are three ways to participate.

  • Bring your test users and try out the TERENA installation of the service. The platform is federated, all the national federations are connected as well as the guest federations such us Google, Facebook, etc. So, if you have e.g., a Google account you can try this service out. Please do note that, due to service restrictions, all the actual test users must be whitelisted. For the procedure to be whitelisted please contact Peter Szegedi (


  • Get access to the TERENA installation and go to

  • Attach your own storage back-end to the platform installed at TERENA Offices. Currently, the service uses a local file system at TERENA Offices and it has the possibility to store encrypted data in the Amazon S3 cloud. If you want to connect your own storage back-end, you have to develop the bridge between the cloud broker platform and your data storage facility. For the interface/protocol description and detailed technical information please participate in the mailing list discussion.

    Check out the preliminary service delivery scenarios.

  • Get familiar with the code. The code is open source written in Scala and runs on top of the JVM. You can get familiar with the code step by step. We provide a single downloadable VM image, we also provide the clone of the TERENA system installation (on 2 VMs, with federated access), and you can go to Github for the source code and documentation. Use the Google group for questions.

Get familiar with the code


The aim is to gradually build up a community with developers who will eventually become "co-owners" of the code. It is expected that the potential co-owners' organisations contribute to the code maintenance and development with man-power and/or money. There is a three-step approach to get familiar with the code (it is also a kind of selection process).

STEP 0) Try the service out (the TERENA installation) - Your account must be whitelistedwhite-listed.

STEP 1) Downloadable development VMware images (Metadata store, WebDAV server, Website) - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server with openJDK 6, MySQL, cadaver (ZIP file) and Readme (TXT file).

STEP 2) Source code and documentation is available on Github under Apache Licenses, Version 2.0. There is limited free support via the Google group. Pilot participants (PSNC, BELNET) also contribute to an Installation Guide. TERENA has its own Github space where the Trusted Cloud Drive project is forked (temporarily) and Github users (developers) can be added to the team



The full documentation is available at Github (main branch) Wiki.

List of test installations


OrganisationContact personStatusURLInstallation

Peter Szegedi

Dick Visser

Installed on two VMs.

Done by Maarten Koopmans (lead developer), part of the TERENA pilot Phase i.

(tick) (public)

PSNCMaciej Brzeźniak

Installed on one single server

Code security and some performance tests will be done.

(tick) (internaltest)

Mario Vandaele

Jean-Philippe Evrard

Installed on one single server for the moment.

Priority for the on-going national storage infrastructure tendering at BELNET

Installed on one single server for the moment.

(tick) (internalprivate)
CESNETJakub Peisa

to be planned

Will be installed in multiple virtual servers. Performance tests will be done.


Installed on a) one single VM b) multiple VMs (see the Installation Guides)

Next on the agenda is performance testing. For this I will try to get the data when using 1-3 WebDAV daemon nodes.

I will try to scale the WebDAV daemon, put a load balancer before the nodes and do some performance tests.

Performance tests are done! Results are here.

(tick) (test)




Damir Zagar

Nikola Garafolic

to be planned

Migration form GSS to (maybe) Cloud Drive.

FCCNJoão Pagaime

Installed and tested the software locally, on a Cent OS 6.2

It seems to be


working, although it has a few rough edges that I have to look deeper.

(tick) (private)
CESCALorenzo J. Cubero

to be plannedInstalled

Part of Lorenzo's internship at CESCA and his thesis. Software development efforts can be contributed.

(lightbulb) Jclouds API will be implemented at the back-end and performance tests will be done by the end of 2012


(tick) (dev)


RNPGui Maluf


Working with prof. Roberto Samarone Araújo and prof. Jeroen Van de Graaf within a similar project, and we're planning to make a bridge between OpenStack Swift and TERENA cloud broker.

(lightbulb) OpenStack S3 API development at the back-end.

(question) Fortunately the aaws library is open source. So I got the code, changed the constant S3_HOSTNAME, regenerate the Constant.class and put it inside the jar, changed the /etc/rightfabric/config.txt to use storage  = s3, restart all services, but looks like it is using local filesystem instead of trying to make the s3 connection!

Am I doing something wrong?

(warning) Handy hint for using s3 libraries to connect to OpenStack Swift. A while back, AWS changed the way the S3 endpoints work. Previously, buckets lived at, whereas after the change they now live at a subdomain: For this reason, modifying some of the libraries and tools to work with OpenStack Swift's S3 endpoint (which doesn't do the DNS smarts) is not easily possible with current versions.

This may not be the issue you're experiencing, but if odd things are happening, keep it in mind.

  • Basic protocol is working (put. get, delete, etc.) Waiting for employee authorization to publish the code on Github.

OpenStack Java SDK was used for connecting the Swift installation and doing the back-end process to TCD. It is contributed to TERENA Github. TCD integration with RNP's OpenStack Swift based cloud storage infrastructure is planned.

(tick) (dev)














Christos Loverdos

Installed on Pithos+

GRNET will be integrating the Trusted Cloud Drive with the Pithos+ storage service that we have developed. Christos has been working with GRNET on Okeanos, our overall cloud storage service, and more specifically on its accounting components, written in Scala. He is an expert in Scala.

(lightbulb)OpenStack / Pithos+ interface to the cloud broker platform.

  • The Pithos+ interface is in a very good shape and almost complete. I have stumbled across a few issues with the existing Cloud Drive codebase and I had sent a relevant email a while ago. Live demo of the Cloud Drive integration with GRNET's production Pithos+ service will be done at TF-Storage.

Integration is done, contributed to TERENA Github, demonstrated at TF-Storage

 (tick) (dev)









List of pilot participants


The following organisations expressed their interest in the pilot (as of 18  June):


Contact person(s)

(tick) - accounts provisioned

Initial interest
AARnet AustraliaGuido Aben (tick)

Certainly any high latency tests you might want to perform are well entrusted to us. 


Kurt Bauer (warning)(tick)

Christian Panigl (warning)

Arsen Stasic (warning)(tick)

We'll start with - Bring your test users but probably will also try to - Attach your own storage back-end later.

(warning) access problem


Jernej Porenta

Peter Kacin (tick)

We are interested in Terena Trusted cloud drive pilot. From our side, Peter Kacin (cc) will be the guy to talk to, so please add both of us to the mailing list.


Mario Vandaele

Jean-Philippe Evrard

Dirk Dupont (tick)

Ongoing tendering and procurement of storage hardware. Universities might want to install the TERENA Cloud Drive to provide storage service on top of the raw storage capacity.

Branko Radojevic

Valentin Vidic

 Marko Furic


Jakub Peisar (tick)

CESNET is willing to install an instance of the Cloud Drive for experimental purposes.

Sami Saarikoski (tick)

Sormunen Toni

Try out
DFNRalf Groeper (tick)Try out

Praveen Misra 

I had been exploring different opportunities of collaborating on the cloud technologies and found interest in cloud pilot. Do let me know if its possible and feasible for us to get involved with this initiative.


João Pagaime (tick)

At this stage we looking for information for a possible more official commit in the future.

As far as the  reasons go, we already use filesender and are happy with it, and we  see interest from the community on storage services beyond commercial available services.

The planned contribution is to test the software,  set up a test storage backend and generally participate  on the initiative  (it's worth to mention that we don't have dedicated resources devoted for this. That is to say that we would have difficulty on doing resource hungry taks.

We're evaluating  installing the cloud platform at our location for experimental purposes (01/10/2012)

I have an idea about how this could work on the NREN (probably on a pilot), but I'm not sure about it's feasibility:

- can we have a central installation on the NREN (FCCN) and have the NREN institutions participate with the raw storage?

- if so, how would the NREN institutions make available the storage to the central installation? does it make sense to use, for instance, a gluster-fs? does the TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive already have some software module to do that?

theoretically we could configure special network conditions for the shared file-system within the NREN (20/11/2012)

Saying that, a scala driver that dispatches users to their "home institution" is indeed a very nice feature. Specially after a pilot phase, if things start to scale up.


Panos Louridas

Christos Loverdos

We are interested in participating, and our focus will be in the following item from the Phase II description: Attach your own storage back-end to the platform installed at TERENA Offices Specifically, to attach our own OpenStack-derived platform as a storage back-end.

Concerning GRNET, our efforts will focus on providing a bridge to connect from the GRNET storage service (Pithos+) to the cloud pilot. Right now the Cloud Pilot includes support for Amazon S3 and JClouds; we use an OpenStack compatible API, so we will be going for an OpenStack / Pithos+ interface to the cloud interface.


Glenn Wearen (warning)

Robert Hackett

We would be interested but resources are a problem and the priority is our own storage project currently.

(warning) access problem


Ivan Marton (tick)

Szabolcs Székelyi (tick)

An instance might be run by a Hungarian university. To be investigated.


Maciej Brzeźniak (tick)(tick)

Stanisław Jankowski (tick)

Dariusz Janny (tick)(tick)

Pawel Berus (tick)

We might offer some test storage resources controlled by OpenStack Swift and/or plug into your system some WebDAV enabled storage.

In addition we might spend some hours on reviewing the code and/or penetration testing of your pilot installation.

SECURITY AUDIT; Our current plans regarding the local installation include:

- doing some stress / functional testing

- checking if your solution will work with S3-enabled OpenStack swift

- performing a security audit (I am adding Gerard and Pawel from security department in CC)

(warning) access problems SOLVED (thumbs up)

(thumbs up) Congratulations to PSNC for the first installation of the tool at an NREN location!

RedIRISAntonio Fuentes Bermejo  Currently we are driving our efforts to bring cloud services, and we are studying what kind of cloud services could be offered to the RedIRIS Research community.

Jean-François Guezou (tick)

Robert Ferret (tick)

We, at RENATER, would like to test the trusted cloud drive.

(thumbs up) Access problem solved by adding RENATER IdP to the TERENA wayf page.

RNP Brazil

Roberto Araujo


Giu Maluf (tick)

Recently, we constructed a cloud storage based on the OpenStack Swift. We took a look on the phase 2 webpage and noted that it is possible to integrate other clouds to the TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive.

We are interested in integrating our cloud to your solution. Thus, we would like to know what are the requisites for this.

(lightbulb) OpenStack Swift S3 test/development 


Rogier Spoor

Andres Steijaert

François Kooman

SURFnet is running a pilot with It has the priority to federate the service and make more and more applications available under the service. In a later phase, integration with TERENA Cloud Drive might be considered.

Patrik Schnellmann

Christian Rohrer (tick)

Alessandro Usai (tick)

Michael Stuecheli

Alessandra Scicchitano (tick)

We are interested for the following reason: Higher Education Users are increasinglgy increasingly asking for a cloud shared storage. I'm thinking about students, but also researchers and teaching staff may be interested in this. We are evaluating which solution could adress address the need of users best in the future. The TTCD is one possibility and I'm interested about the future developments in that project and the uptake of other NRENs of TTCD, how they see the place of a service based on the TTCD in their portfolio.

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Carlos Aguado

I am part of the Blue Brain Project, based at EPFL. Our long-term goal is to build a facility to help the worldwide community of neuroscientists work in the understanding of the brain and its processes.

My understanding of this second phase of the pilot is that will enable secure cloud-like sharing based on established federations and this sounds very interesting to me. Especially from the perspective of federations and how insightful could be for us in moving towards our long-term goals.

Newcastle University

Caleb Racey (tick)

University of Melbourne

Tom Fifield (tick)

University of Malta

Dave Mifsud

University of Porto

Sérgio Afonso (tick)

Rui Ramos (tick)

José António (tick)Sousa

Paulo Carvalho(tick)

We at the University of Porto are very interested in participating in this TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive. For now we would like to have access to it and maybe in the future we can contribute with some storage space, if needed.

Università Roma TRE

Vincenzo Praturlon (tick) (tick)

We would be glad to join in, but first we need to discuss our involvement within our it staff. At the moment it is not clear what could be the outcome of a pilot in our university. It could be a federated service offered by us to the IDEM community, or it could be just an experimentation, possibly picked up by the federation itself for production (as happened for filesender). We are trying to have a clue of the efforts required to contribute to the project in a significant amount. The most reasonable target for a pilot within phase II would be to provide a small storage quota on Amazon to a few partner institutions and try to share some data. This would simplify, I guess, the "local" requirements. At that point we would be in position to decide whether to provide a back-end or pass it to the federation. I will try to scout this idea, but before "formally" committing I will have to put together some of the skills required.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Savvas Th. Anastasiades

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (tick)

Try out

(tick) access problem SOLVED (thumbs up)

University of Vienna

Martin Koelbl


Damir Zagar (tick)

Nikola Garafolic (tick)

I will get back on Monday with details in what parts we'll get involved (and will find some human-ware available).

Srce is running a storage service based on GRNET's GSS. GSS won't be supported by GRNET any more. Srce is looking for migrations options. TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive could be an option (being evaluated).


Jordi Guijarro

Lorenzo J. Cubero (tick)

In this second phase, we can initially collaborate providing feedback from our constituency test users and after attaching our own storage backend.

I would really like to collaborate in the project developing some part/s. I thought about connecting the pilot to a cdmi-proxy. Or develop the jcloud missing part. (On 10th October I will attend to an Adrian Cole's [jcloud founder] meeting in Barcelona) 

CESCA will provide the infrastructure needed to make a local installation of the cloud platform.
(lightbulb)Jclouds API development and test

Martin Hellmich






Giacomo Tenaglia (tick)

To share the information and open source code of the DAV client developed by CERN. The client must be tested with the TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive platform.

(lightbulb) Here is, as promised, a link to our DAV client DAVIX.
This one points to the source
(check it out with svn co
this one to the documentation

I copied the main developer, Adrien, in, so now you also get his email address for questions and/or bug reports.


Peter Szegedi (tick) (tick)

Licia Florio (tick)

John Dyer (tick)

Service coordinator
Vrijheid.netMaarten Koopmans (tick) (tick)Lead developer

Commercial interest



CompanyContact personNote
PowerFolderChristian SprajcTCD integration...
OwnCloudChristian SchmitzTCD integration...
JoyentMarco MeinardiResell Joyent service/infrastructure

Valerie Focke

Interest in TCD.
Dell Inc.Brett EmmertonGeneral interest
GoogleGrainne Emma PhelanGeneral interest concerning Google Apps for EDU
AmazonCarly Buwalda

Fall Quarter 2012 Research Grants submission...

Resubmission in 2013.