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Mend software provides several methods for user login. In GÉANT, use the single sign-on login (SSO):

  1. Open Mend login at
  2. Click Sign in with SSO.

  3. Enter your GÉANT email address to be forwarded to the GÉANT login page.

  4. Log in with your identity provider as you would for other GÉANT services.
  5. Your GÉANT Mend Home Page opens.


The dashboard in Mend can be at the organisation (GÉANT), Product or Project level. A detailed explanation of the terms Products, Projects, and Organisations in Mend is here. In a nutshell: your team is working on a Mend 'product' which may consist of several related pieces of software, which are in Mend called 'projects'.


By default, anyone who applies to Mend can see the content of all non-restricted GÉANT products and projects in Mend. It is possible to restrict read permissions to scan results for specific products and projects. You can contact the GEANT Mend support to get access to a specific project that has limited visibility or to restrict the permissions for a specified product or project.

You may also ask the GEANT Mend support for the Product Administrator role to manage the access to your project, after which the responsibility of the entire product will be on you.