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Mend can analyse projects in several ways. The provided code may be locally stored and the Mend scan can be triggered manually at any time when the developer team is interested in the results of a recent code change(the . The details are in Adding project to Mend (Scan Flow)).

The standard way, however, is the integration of the Mend scan in a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline that triggers the scan automatically on each commit in the host repositories such as GitLab and Bitbucket (including GÉA​NT Gitlab and Bitbucket). GÉANT used Bamboo as the CI/CD software in between the host repository and Mend (details in Automated Mend scans with Bamboo)


Mend has also conducted an in-house analysis of many of the main licence types and provided risk scores to help developers determine what risks and factors they should keep in mind when deciding which licence they should use. The Mend scan service can provide GÉANT project teams with tracking of IPR compliance to help them make their code compatible with IPR policies. Mend provides full visibility and control over the risks associated with open source and licence (non-)compliance.