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The Security for Collaborating Infrastructures working group (SCIv2-WG) is a collaborative activity within the Wise Information Security for e-Infrastructures (WISE) trust community. SCIv2-WG members include information security officers from several large-scale distributed Research Infrastructures and e-Infrastructures. The aims of the trust framework defined in this document are to enable interoperation of collaborating Infrastructures and to manage cross-Infrastructure operational security risks. It also aims to build trust between Infrastructures by defining standards for collaboration, especially in cases where specific internal security policy documents cannot be shared.

Version 2 supporting documents

The SCIv2 framework (published):


Assessment framework spreadsheet (latest version), revised January 2019.

Version 1 supporting documents

SCI document version 1     ISGC 2013_011.pdf


Preliminary comparison SCIv1 - SIRTFI-ISO27002 comparison chart SCI-SIRTFI-ISO v0.1.xlsx

Supplementary information

Potential input, FIM considerations for infrastructures (written for HNSciCloud)