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09:00-09:10ARRIVALS & EMAILS   
09:10-09:20Welcome, introductions and agendaLonneke Walk (SURFnet - SIG-Marcoms Chair) & Helga Spitaler (GÉANT)  
09:20-09:30Review of SIG-Marcomms (TF-CPR) and Global PR Network activities since Porto meetingLaura Durnford & Helga Spitaler (GÉANT)slides 

NREN updates including:

DFN communications
RESTENA update
CANARIE communications

Nina Bark (DFN)
Cynthia Wagner (RESTENA)
Kathryn Anthonisen (CANARIE)

Cynthia's slides
Nina's slides
Kathryn's slides

10:15-10:45Show off time (Open Space session)


10:45-11:00COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS (provided 10:30-11:00)   
11:00-11:15EventR: the calendar for the R&E networking community - be aware and give feedbackChristian Gijtenbeek (GÉANT)  
11:15-12:45Towards a regional communications-PR network for Africa - what is unique to this region and what can be shared from the LatinAmerican and European groups' experiences and resources? DISCUSSIONLed by Manuella Abram (GÉANT)  
12:45-13:45LUNCH AND EMAILS (provided 12:30-14:00)   

Sharing the storytelling training experience - lessons learned (and applied?)

Lonneke Walk & Laura Durnford

14:15-15:00In the field stories - stats and analytics to date, feedback from users, further outreach ideas, more usage please!Jane Gifford (AARnet)Jane's slides 
15:00-15:30Formalising the relationship with users: ARNESGoran Medenjak - ARNES (TBC) Goran's slides 
15:30-15:45COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS (provided 15:30-16:00)   
15:45-16:45Challenge us to your challenges! (open space session)   
16:45-17:15Day summary, actions, next meetings, wrap upLonneke & TBC