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There was an opportunity to get together to share ideas, experiences and best practices on 12 June 2016, when there was a joint meeting of TF-CPR (SIG-Marcomms) and the Global PR Network in Prague, immediately preceding this year's networking conference, TNC16.

Registration is closed. See the list of registered participants!

This is the final agenda.
If there's anything you think we've missed and you have ideas for topics for future meetings, please contact or add them into the agenda suggestions page.

09:00-09:10ARRIVALS & EMAILS   
09:10-09:20Welcome, introductions and agendaLonneke Walk (SURFnet - SIG-Marcoms Chair) & Helga Spitaler (GÉANT)  
09:20-09:30Review of SIG-Marcomms (TF-CPR) and Global PR Network activities since Porto meetingLaura Durnford & Helga Spitaler (GÉANT)slides 

NREN updates including:

DFN communications
RESTENA update
CANARIE communications

Nina Bark (DFN)
Cynthia Wagner (RESTENA)
Kathryn Anthonisen (CANARIE)

Cynthia's slides
Nina's slides
Kathryn's slides

10:15-10:45Show off time (Open Space session)


ARNES slides 
10:45-11:00COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS (provided 10:30-11:00)   
11:00-11:15EventR: the calendar for the R&E networking community - be aware and give feedbackChristian Gijtenbeek (GÉANT) NRENs can use this for their own events, registrations etc and export the event to their websites. Not all have federated access but can use social media logins, or guest access. Need to communicate it more clearly. Fixing that in next couple of months. Highlights clashes with dates.
11:15-12:45Towards a regional communications-PR network for Africa - what is unique to this region and what can be shared from the LatinAmerican and European groups' experiences and resources? DISCUSSIONLed by Manuella Abram (GÉANT)  
12:45-13:45LUNCH AND EMAILS (provided 12:30-14:00)   

Sharing the storytelling training experience - lessons learned (and applied?)

Lonneke Walk & Laura Durnford

14:15-15:00In the field stories - stats and analytics to date, feedback from users, further outreach ideas, more usage please!Jane Gifford (AARnet)Jane's slides 
15:00-15:30Formalising the relationship with users: ARNESGoran Medenjak - ARNES (TBC)Goran's slides 
15:30-15:45COFFEE / TEA / EMAILS (provided 15:30-16:00)   
15:45-16:45Challenge us to your challenges! (open space session)   
16:45-17:15Day summary, actions, next meetings, wrap upLonneke & TBC  
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