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NominationOrganisationNominated byCandidate Statement
Pål AxelssonSUNET / SWAMIDLeif Johansson / Wolfgang Pempe
Mads Freek PetersenWAYF.dkTangui Coulouarn
Deepthi GunesekaraLEARN
Self nominated

Muhammad Farhan SjaugiSIFULAN
Self nominated

Jonathan Eagan
Self nominated / Ann West

Alan Buxey
Self nominated

Slavek LicehammerCESNET / Masaryk University
Self nominated

I have over ten years of experience in the trust and identity area, focusing predominantly on authentication and authorization infrastructures for research communities. With this focus, my experience with federations, especially eduGAIN, was mainly from the view of this utilization and integration possibilities rather than its internal structure and governance.

I have been participating in various EU projects on activities related to the AAI area, namely AARC, EOSC-Hub, EOSC-Future, EOSC-LIFE, GN4, GN5 and projects associated with the EGI community. Thanks to that, I have a good understanding of research infrastructures and their need for identity and access management. Specifically, I know the life sciences research infrastructures very well thanks to long-term collaboration on the ELIXIR AAI and its evolution the LifeScience AAI.

I have detailed knowledge of the AARC Blueprint Architecture, which extends eduGAIN and can be a source of inspiration for features that will be useful on the eduGAIN level. A similar pattern can be observed in ESOC AAI, where an extension of eduGAIN might benefit it and make various integrations easier.

I would like to mainly represent research infrastructures in the eduGAIN Steering Committee and ensure their use cases are understood and considered as input for future decisions. I believe my experiences will bring a different perspective and be a valuable addition to the traditional viewpoint of federation operators.

Thijs KinkhorstSurf
Arnout Terpstra

Francisca Martin-Vergara


Victoriano Giralt