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Transfers to the hotel
a) Uber is available (even UberXL for up to 8 pax). Prices 28E to 50E total for Kombi (UberXL)
b) A shuttle that takes you to downtown bus terminal ( It is 30 HRK (4EUR). BUS stops right in front of arrivals and takes 30 min ride to Downtown bus terminal. From there it is 12 min walk to hotel:
c) Taxi - As in most places, if you grab a taxi in front of airport it is usually the most expensive company. You can call YellowCab Company +38521208208 and order a ride. Should be about 250HRK (about 34 EUR). If someone decides to grab a taxi waiting in front of airport, please make sure to ask for a price before entering and make sure driver gives them an estimate.
d) Hotel Shuttle - Hotel mentioned they have shuttle option for various number of people. Groups can reach out to Hotel directly to get a quote.

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