This page describes the selection of ideas for an Incubator cycle. It ties up with the activity 'Pitch & Discuss Ideas (APT check)', which is described in the T&I Incubator Activity Process. Ideas gathered during the year are listed and evaluated by the Main Incubator Board (MIB). Every proposer has to join a MIB meeting at least once to pitch his/her idea to the MIBs. Once the Activitiy Selection process has been completed, the Proposers are required to finalize the project description.


Pitch New Ideas

Each new idea that was not yet presented to the MIBs will be pitched by the proposer (as part of a MIB meeting).  Formerly pitched ideas won't be presented again. A short pitch consists of a 5 min presentation and 5 min questions.

Discuss Ideas

The MIBs briefly discuss all ideas gathered (MIB meeting). The discussion focuses on the key aspects, specific questions or new insights, no in depth discussions will be carried out. These discussion should help to choose an idea for the next phase and do not aim to find technical solutions.

Identify Risks

It is checked if there are any risks that might put the implementation of any idea in danger (MIB meeting).  For example, this concerns Hardware, Software or people not being available. Or the question whether there are parallel projects/tasks that need to be finished at first. Furthermore, GÉANT management decisions or legal conditions must be met as well. If any risk threaten the successful realization of an idea and cannot be solved within a reasonable timeframe the idea may be blocked.

Prioritize Ideas

The MIBs prioritise all not blocked ideas. The goal is to select four ideas for the next Incubator cycle. For this, each MIB gets four votes which might be differently weighted (assessment metric still needs to be decided). Each MIB must vote independently which of the ideas are most important for them. Additionally, two ideas will be selected for the TIM programme with the same procedure.  Votes are conducted after the meeting, the MIBs have 7 days to vote. The raw voting results will not be communicated to the MIBs directly.

Check and Assess Ranking

Based on the prioritized ideas, the votes of the MIBs are checked and assessed. Ideas with a higher priority will be considered first, but ideas might still be skipped/selected for various (e.g. strategic) reasons.

Identify Pre-Requirements

It is checked if there are any impediments left which prevent starting the activity, such as:

  • Is the Proposer available in the next cycle?
  • Is there enough knowledge in the Alpha/Omega team to work on the activity?
  • Do we possess hardware or software necessary?
  • Are any external dependencies/persons available within the next cycle?
  • Is the service owner responsible available and interested in the project?
  • Can the activity finalized within 6 months if started in the next cycle?

Furthermore, as part of the actitity proposal identified risks and high level mitigation must be written down.

Propose Activities

Based on the voting and the pre-requirements identified a list of four activities is proposed by the Project Management Board to the MIB, ALs and proposer(s) (stakeholders).

Review Selection

MIBs have the opportunity to provide feedback on the selection, which must be provided within 7 days after announcement. Any feedback will be considered and evaluated, but might not influence the decision which was previously made.

Review Feedback

The feedback is reviewed and a final decision is made by the Incubator Task Leader in agreement with the ALs. The work package leaders have to approve the activity selection.

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