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List of datasets


Dataset description:
Purpose of processing:
Data source:
Data storage and access:
Data transfer:
Data retention:
Dataset size:
Personal data processed:

Dataset content

Data itemIs personal data (DPO fills in)Comment


Description of fields

The details of service related datasets (data collections) should be filled with a list of all kinds of data which is collected or processed by this service. The table should be filled by the Service Manager and afterwards reconciled with the GEANT Data Protection Officer in order to address GDPR requirements. One service often incorporates several datasets.

<dataset_name> - name of dataset (collection of data processed in similar way).

Dataset description - brief explanation of the kind of information or entities the dataset contains.

Data source - what are source(s) of data - list of services, systems, applications, databases or similar source components, including user's input, from which data are being received. E.g. RIPE database, service ABC, organisation LDAP directory...

Data storage and access: describe where the data are stored, backup-ed etc. and who has access to the data.

Data transfer: list of other services, systems, applications, databases or similar destinations to which data are being sent. E.g. RIPE database, service ABC, GÉANT's database XYZ...

Data retention: describe data retention policy ie. for how long data are stored before being deleted. E.g. 1 year, 2 years after contract ending, forever...

Dataset size: describe dataset size in term of number or persons concerned. E.g. about 100 persons.

Personal data processed: based on Dataset content could be "Yes" if dataset contains personal data, or "No" if not.

Dataset content

  • Data item: a specific dataset item. It may be an attribute, component or structure within a dataset that can be clearly described in terms of content. If attribute, it is usually described with the formally assigned name and corresponding explanation of meaning, purpose, expected content or allowed values. Property values characterise all or some items (records, members...) within the dataset.
  • Is personal data (DPO fills in): whether this item is (a part of) personal data. Decided and entered by the GÉANT Data Protection Officer while analysing the GDPR requirements. Answer Yes of No.

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