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GLAD invites all work package leaders and task leaders to a (virtual) meeting to discuss the learning needs of your Work Package participants. 
To support you in delivering project results we aim to create a comprehensive GN4.3 Learning Programme that will consist of effective and diverse learning solutions. 
Let’s arrange to meet (online) so that we can talk directly what is relevant and important for you to learn, new skills to develop and/or existing skills to refresh and upgrade.

For this important conversation to take place please:

  1. Visit our wiki page for further information) and to reserve a time slot. We aim to confirm all the bookings by 28/02/20 so that the proposed conversations can take place by beginning of March 2020.
  2. Think about the training needs of your work package. It is not always easy to define the training needs or name the skills that underpin a particular activity or task. With that in mind we put together some Guiding questions that may help you to focus on learning and development.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the learning needs assessment process. We put together the overview of the process here

The outcome of this process will be the final Learning Programme for GN4.3 which will be published on GLAD website. As the project works happens it is likely that the training and learning needs will be changing; therefore we are open to have ongoing “learning” conversations and will update the Programme accordingly.

The GN4.3 is quickly gaining momentum. Please book your time slot by 28/02/20 to ensure that your professional skills will always be in step with the pace of change.