This guide was created for the old UI of the eduTEAMS Membership Management, which is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

We strongly recommend using the new UI and guide for it - Creating groups and adding members

All the users registered in a Virtual Organization are added in the built-in group called members. VO Managers can create groups and group hierarchies and organise the members in their VO according to the requirements of their collaboration. This documents describes the basics of creating groups and assigning members to these groups.

  1. VO Managers can create and manage groups and group hierarchies on the eduTEAMS Membership Management Service.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click on the "VO Manager" tab and then click on "Groups". If you have not created any group, then you should see just one group called members. All the members of your VO are in the members including the VO Manager(s)

3. In order to create a new group, click on the "Create"button. The create group modal will pop up.

4. A Group can be created as a parent, which is the default option, or as a sub-group. Fill in the Group Name and Description and click “Create”.

5. You should see the new group in the list of groups

6. Click on the group that you just created

7. At this point the group has not members

8. In order to add members from your VO to this group you, click on the "Add" button

9. You should now see the "Add member(s)" modal

10. Click on the "List all VO members" button to see a list of all the members of your VO

11. Click the checkbox at the left of each user that you want to add to this group and then click on the "Add" button

12. Congratulations, the user(s) has/have been added to your new group

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