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(community contribution by Kilian Krause)

wireless hotspot anqp-server OpenRoaming type open-roaming
anqp-domain-id 0
(warning)domain # adjust to own realm/domain name
(warning)group educational university # adjust to classification of hotspot
hessid 0000.0000.0000
ipv4-address-type public
ipv6-address-type available
network-type free-public internet-access allowed
open-roaming-oi allow-all beacon
(warning)operator "Uni Stuttgart" de # adjust to own venue name and language
roaming-oi 5a03ba0000 beacon
(warning)venue "Uni Stuttgart" de # adjust to own venue name and language
url # adjust to own domain name
wan-metrics downlink-load 0
(warning)wan-metrics downlink-speed 100000000 # adjust to actual speed
wan-metrics full-capacity-link
wan-metrics link-status up
wan-metrics load-measurement-duration 0
wan-metrics uplink-load 0
(warning)wan-metrics uplink-speed 100000000 # adjust to actual speed
hotspot anqp-server OpenRoaming

wireless profile policy OpenRoaming
autoqos mode fastlane
hotspot anqp-server OpenRoaming
ipv4 dhcp required
session-timeout 28800
no shutdown
wireless tag policy hotspot20
description "all WLANs incl. HS2.0 config"
(warning)#wlan eduroam policy eduroam-with-HS20 # whatever your local eduroam SSID is
wlan OpenRoaming policy OpenRoaming

wlan OpenRoaming 124 OpenRoaming
ccx aironet-iesupport
ip verify source mac-check
mdns-sd-interface gateway
peer-blocking forward-upstream
radio dot11ag
security wpa wpa2 gtk-randomize
(warning)security dot1x authentication-list openroaming # this will need to go to OpenRoaming/look for aaa+auth NAPTR
security pmf optional
wmm require
no shutdown
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