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  • Using SimpleSAMLphp with Lifesize Cloud
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Goal: use your SimpleSAMLphp based Identity provider to have Single Sing On with LifeSize Cloud

For this example, we're assuming your IdP is available at



Make sure your IdP works and you have these attributes available:




Add Lifesize metadata


Download the lifesize metadata from, and paste the contents (XML) into the metadata parser page on your SimpleSAMLphp instance. This is located at URL

Paste the resulting PHP code into metadata/saml20-sp-remote.php

You could add this authproc to make sure you're not releasing too much information to Lifesize:


    'authproc' => array(
        90 => array(
            'class' => 'core:AttributeLimit',


In the LIfesize management page, fill in these details:


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